Family Puts Bluegrass Spin On Lady Gaga Song For Voice Audition


What can we say?It runs in the family.The hit TV reality series The Voice has a spin-off that lends the spotlight to families where musicality is passed down from one generation to the next.And in this episode, a family graces the show with their playful renditions of pop songs.The family, whose music is heavily influenced by gospel and bluegrass, swept the judges off their feet and left them regretting their full-decked rosters.

As the O’Donnells walked onto the stage, the audience quickly adored them.The little girl really grabbed hearts.The judges were perceptive to this reaction and began whispering amongst themselves.Guy Sebastian, an Australian singer and one of the judges, even said that he’d regret it if the family turned out to be the most adorable contestants for that batch because his team is already full.

This prompted the other judges to egg on Keith Urban since he was the only one with an incomplete team.

Then, as the family started the song, the judges were quickly taken by their talent.

It was nothing like they expected.

The vocals started strong as they went over the first lines of Lady Gaga’s famous song.

But their version was special.

The lyrics of Lady Gaga’s song were accompanied by the ringing banjo and the melodic humming of the guitar.

Bluegrass was the unlikeliest version of this pop song but the family definitely made it work.

The seven-piece band was started by John and Wendy when they met in the United States in the mid-’80s.

After returning to Australia, the couple settled down in Cairns.

The couple spent the 90’s playing bluegrass with different bands like the Snake Gully Ensemble and the Sunshine Mountain Bluegrass Band.

Then, when the rest of their band couldn’t make a gig in Toowoomba, they got their three kids to play with them instead.

The band became a family thing.
The O’Donnells played in different events and festivals, and by the end of 2009, they won the Open Group Section of the Qld Country Music Festivals Champion of Champions event.

In late 2010, the family released their self-titled album. Their selection included original and classic bluegrass, country music, and gospel.

Things slowed down when the pandemic hit but the family got back on their strings when things started getting better.

They joined The Voice Generations in 2022.
And as they sang Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”, the judges kept on pushing Urban to turn his chair to finally complete his roster.

Through their ingenious and well-arranged cover, Urban finally made a decision and saw the faces behind the amazing performance.

To date, Amy, aged 3, is the youngest contestant to grace the competition.

And hopefully, as the family embark on this new musical adventure, Amy will carry on the family’s tradition.

You can catch updates from the bluegrass family on their Instagram account where they post the gigs that are keeping them busy.

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