Family says they’re paying off their mortgage by renting out their pool


When Airbnb started, nobody knew if it would just be an ambitious but unsuccessful app or if it would actually make a difference in the market.Today we know that it did actually make a difference and that it has been a popular app since it started.

It is indicated that Airbnb’s current valuation is $93.01 billion, while the average host earns $13,800 annually. Not bad, right?And while Airbnb is addressed to people going on holiday and are looking for a hotel alternative, those who came up with Swimply are addressing those who can’t afford to have their own swimming pool at home, but they’re also not close to the beach- or they just hate how busy beaches can get when it’s hot.

Through this platform, you can rent private pools and pay by the hour. Sounds like a good idea? Well, if you do own a pool, you might consider renting it out by the end of this article.

You see, it’s a quite profitable business.

”A lot of our homeowners on average are making close to $5,000 a month renting out their pools on Swimply. Our top owner out of Florida has already made close to $200,000 and he has only been on Swimply for a year and a half,” said Ha Nguyen with Swimply to CBS46.

One of the families that offer their backyard to Swimply users is the Beach family- and please notice how to the point their surname is.

As Jim Beach told CBS46:

“It is like Airbnb, that is the easiest way to put it. Instead of renting out a house, we are renting out our backyard.”

As the man admitted, he was pretty happy the month when they got to pay their mortgage thanks to the pool renting.

As he pointed out, their pool is known for the elephant ears. As the family also highlighted, their pool is not only rented for swimming.

“You know,” Beach said, “we have a lot of people coming, who don’t even swim. They just come and read a book and they’re just hanging out.”

But besides relaxing and having a swim, the pool can also be rented out to people who want to host a special event. Whether it is a birthday party or a graduation, being by a pool is always a good idea.

The platform has been around for about three years and the goal is to not limit the private spaces to rent to swimming pools, but to anything special really. Like basketball and tennis courts, or art rooms.

But making money is not the only reason why someone may rent out their pool or private space. Meeting new people and having a chat with them may lead to some new friendships.
”Not only have we made a little bit of money, which is nice for the mortgage, but we have made some friends,” said Jim.

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