Farmer shares a two-ingredient recipe to effectively get rid of mice and rats


Rats are just one of those animals that you can’t help but dislike, and yet, they somehow seem to be everywhere.Thanks to this brilliant farmer, we’ve got a hack that will get rid of mice and rats for good and you won’t believe how easy it is.It only takes two ingredients.

This farmer is sharing his trusty trick for completely eliminating rats and mice when used together.Anyone who has had a rat or mice problem knows what a headache it can be, but not anymore.Thanks to this simple hack from this frugal farmer, you’ll be rat-free in no time.The Pine Meadows Hobby Farm is run by Jerry Hanson and is located in the Cascade mountains of Oregon.

Jerry is no stranger to posting videos on his YouTube page of over 66,000 subscribers, but this hack has got to be the best one.

In this video, the clever farmer shows us a trick to getting rid of those pesky rats once and for all.

A farmer would know.

Baking soda, Cornbread mix, and Tupperware
Once you’ve got your cornbread mix (Jerry suggests Jiffy brand with real honey), your baking soda, and your Tupperware, you’ll want to cut a small hole in the side of the container for the rats to go in.

You can pick up the tupperware for about $1.25 from the dollar store.

Mix and place
Just mix equal parts cornbread mix and baking soda, put it in the container with the hole, and watch your rat problem vanish.

So why does this work so well?

The answer is actually quite brilliant, it has to do with the rat’s anatomy and is also the reason this trick won’t harm any other animals.

Rats can’t fart or burp.
So when the baking soda expands, the gas has nowhere to go and kills the rat.

In the video, Jerry shows us exactly how the trick works by putting vinegar in a jar and adding his mixed concoction.

The mixture immediately foams up, and he explains that since rats and mice can’t pass gas this reaction will kill them.

After trying many other traps, Jerry swears by this trick and we’ve got a feeling that he’s onto something.

A channel worthy of attention
His YouTube channel is full of all kinds of homestead tips and fun.

People on YouTube can’t stop thanking the witty farmer for the rodent extermination tips, and his hack has already been viewed almost 500,000 times.

YouTube users from all over are now using Jerry’s trick, and many of them left comments to show their appreciation.

User Mj said:

“Glad to find this video, Jerry. I had been looking for something that would be safe for other wildlife, especially the hawks and owls that might eat the rodents. Happy to have found this natural solution.”

Be sure to check out the Pine Meadows Hobby Farm YouTube for more homestead hacks and other great content.

For any who is dealing with a rat or mice problem, this should help fix it in no time.

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