Four Geese Guard And Protect Grandma


The Queen’s Guards may look comical to some, but make no mistake about it, they are an elite force trained in deadly combat arts. When you are tasked to guard the Queen and the royal family, including all their palaces and possessions, you had better be loyal, tough, and willing to die for them. After all, God save the Queen, but let the guards do the fighting.

Not everyone can afford to have their own bodyguards, let alone an entire army. But this grandmother can boast of the fact that she has four loyal geese ready to defend her whenever the situation demands it.The Queen likes to take a stroll sometimes, and with her walking stick prefers to look like a commoner so as not to draw unwanted attention.

You know, mingle with the common folk.

Bless her.

But these royal guards aren’t taking any chances. They run, okay waddle, after her making sure she doesn’t get too far. Better to be following her than standing on guard for hours on end I suppose.

Instead of the usual red coats and bearskin hats, these four have wings which they use when they need to cover more ground. It’s a good thing too. Look at how quickly the Queen walks. Make way for the Queen’s guards!

They make their way across the country, on a bridge, to the shoreline where the grandmother walks into the water to cool off after that amazing walk. You would think that her geese guards would rest after that walk. There’s no one around so what possible threat could there be?

Wrong. They rush into the water themselves, and being the strong guards they are, flock around her while floating on the surface.

Grandma explains.
“I had a brain hemorrhage operation three years ago so I couldn’t speak for three months. Since living with the geese, I have nothing to worry about. I feel like I’m in heaven.”

Bet so. Grandma gets out of the water with her geese guards walking in front of her to make sure there aren’t any miscreants attempting anything foolish. Save for that cameraman. What’s he holding?

Too close! The geese charge at the man warning him not to get too close. No paparazzi allowed!

The man runs off with the geese flexing their wings for good measure. Grandma calls out telling them to move as she wants to leave. Naturally, obedience is a must.

All in a day’s work.

Even a random dog is not spared from the geese guard.
Back at home, the palace sorry, grandma says she needs to get back to work. And so they assume the classic guard stance. Standing by the door and wherever they are stationed. Photos anyone?

More media! The guards make their voices heard, charging at the cameramen in full force. Even grandma’s guests get the experience of being chased. Need to work on those hospitality skills.

Grandma says it’s fine as even the guests are amused by the four geese guards of the apocalypse. The geese even have their own road sign. Grandma loves her geese guards very much. She knows they’ll always have her back. Quack save the Queen.


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