Grieving daughter discovers note from nurses after collecting mother’s belongings


Nurses, Shona, Zoe, Lorna and Corinna went out of their way to stay with a dying woman under their care.Social media user @DebraKi53686485 shared a touching, albeit heartbreaking, note the nurses left in her mom’s belongings. They didn’t want their names published. It’s the nurses who deserve special mention.

The note read,“The nurses wanted you to know that your relative was not alone when they died. We sat with them and held their hands. This box contains a wooden heart with their finger print and a lock of their hair is tied with a ribbon. We are so sorry for your loss”.It’s never easy losing a loved one.

No other details were provided.
Nurses are unsung heroes. These selfless men and women dedicate so much of their time, to the point of losing sleep, just to make sure their patients are well cared for when family members are busy.

We all admire doctors, and rightly so, but so many people forget to go out of their way to thank the nurses who go about their shifts silently, constantly rushing to and fro. Lives depend on them.

@DebraKi53686485 knew her mom was surrounded by angels.
Nurses know what they’re getting themselves into. It’s not just caring for patients, communicating with doctors, administering medicine and checking vital signs. It’s the mental and emotional toughness that’s a hidden requirement.

Healthcare provides thousands of jobs. Jobs not to be taken lightly.

In the case of Shona, Zoe, Lorna and Corinna, they went out of their way to stay with an elderly woman who was ready to leave this life. These nurses have their own families waiting at home.

They could have gone for a quick break just to rest and recharge, yet they chose to give their time so lovingly to a dying patient.

Skills are taught in med school, but to have a caring and compassionate nature, coupled with the ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situations are vastly more important than grades on paper.

Shona, Zoe, Lorna and Corinna deserve so much love. And perhaps a raise.
@DebraKi53686485 went on to say,

“I’m astonished at the response I got but pleased so many have now seen the kindness shown to the patients in their last moments when family can’t be with them. I just wanted to show others that may be in the same position, they will not die alone. We have caring nurses going the extra mile on our behalf.”

Do reach out and thank a nurse near you. It’s rare for them to receive such praise. Let’s all show our appreciation for hardworking nurses like Shona, Zoe, Lorna and Corinna.
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