Groom makes headlines carrying bride’s twin sister down the aisle in a wedding dress on his wedding day


A sister is a special thing. The connection you have with your sibling is really only able to be described partially! For twins, that connection is even deeper. Science shows us that twins seem to have incredible relationships and special connections that result in some of the best friends in life.

When asked, many twins said:What’s the best part about being a twin? The overwhelming answer, often said in unison: “It’s like having a built-in best friend for life.” – VoxFor one woman, walking down the aisle for her marriage just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t with her twin.

Morgan Watkins has recently been all over social media when she decided that she was going to do something special on her big day. Morgan and her sister are twins, but they have some differences that made the moment even more special.

Morgan’s sister has special needs and wasn’t able to walk down to the front with the other bridesmaids.

“I wanted her to have her special moment as a bride like her twin sister. I will forever cherish this!” – Newsweek

Morgan’s sister will likely never get married as a result of her needs, but she got to experience something incredibly beautiful when Morgan asked her to go down! Morgan’s fiance was the one who helped it all happen.

When a video of the moment was posted on TikTok, it went viral.

The entire thing was heartwarming and the video has since blown up. It currently has over 4 million views and doesn’t show signs of stopping! In the caption, Morgan wrote:

My twin sister who has special needs came down at my wedding with my fiancé, now who I call my husband. I wanted her to have her special moment as a bride like her twin sister.

In the video, Morgan’s fiance carried the little woman down the stairs and towards the front.

As cute music plays, we see the beautiful little girl in her very own dress and veil getting carried to the front. When Morgan’s fiance finally arrives, it’s all tears.

I will forever cherish this! Look at how her just looking around at everyone like she’s on her throne 😭😍 this is why I fell in love with him bc he loves her as much as I do.

For Morgan’s sister, it was probably the best moment of her life!

Getting all the attention on her for a second, she knew that she looked as beautiful as she felt dressed all in white. As far as we can tell, your fiance being willing to make such a moment happen is a good sign of a happy marriage! We give him the “keeper” badge for such a beautiful thing.

The little girl will never get married, but Morgan made the day just as special for her anyways.

“That is why I did it, she won’t ever get married, she doesn’t have interest in dating or anything but I just want her to have that special moment her sis got. I’ve dreamed of this since ever thinking about getting married!”

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