Guy Spotted Casually Walking Down The Street With His Arm Covered In Bees


One day, Danii Rodman was out for a drive near his home in the Dominican Republic when he spotted something unusual — a scene that caused him to slow down for a better look.There, walking casually along down the street, was a man. The man’s left arm was covered entirely in bees.

For reals.”Of course, I was surprised to see that,” Rodman told The Dodo.As he passed, Rodman briefly spoke to the man, asking why he was not being stung. The man indicated that he owned the bees, and that he was holding the queen bee in his hand. The rest of the hive, sensing the queen’s pheromones, was now peacefully following her on their journey to a new home.

Here’s that moment on video:

Rodman doesn’t know where the bees were bound for, or why they needed moving, but it seemed pretty clear that it wasn’t the bee-armed man’s first bee relocation.

“He was acting totally normal about it,” Rodman said. “It seems that he had done that before through the town. Other people around didn’t seem surprised by it at all.”

Because bees play such an important role as pollinators, relocating them from problematic places — like from inside people’s homes — is seen as a humane solution, ensuring bees and people can peacefully coexist. There are several ways to do this, but rarely do you see someone taking such a hands-on approach.