High school student perform enchanting waltz to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”


Translated from Hungarian, this is the “highlight of the Ribbon Opening Ceremony of the Weöres Sándor Primary School and Gymnasium.”Young men and women, probably in their teens, put on their best gowns and suits for a wonderful Viennese Walts that surely captivated everyone in attendance that evening.

It’s like something out of a fairy tale.It’s a beautiful dance characterized by sweeping, graceful turns that rotate quickly around the floor.And yes, it is definitely a romantic dance.Hence why it’s commonly used in films.The Viennese Waltz is the oldest form of ballroom dance.It was from another time when knights rescued maidens, and kings and queens were the talk of the town.

There’s a very magical feel to the dance when done right, as you’ll see from these boys and girls.

From a cultural standpoint, the dance may possibly have been a means for leaders and politicians to mingle and loosen up.

It was a much more rigid time, with social norms observed for the sake of tradition.

Still pretty darn impressive.
The ladies come out first, sweeping from left to right and back, over and over until they fill up the entire length of the basketball court.

There’s a whole lot of them so don’t bother counting.

An enchanting tune begins to play, escorting the women out.

The song is Jasmine Thompson’s “Willow”, one you should add to your playlist since it will help you escape reality for awhile.

Sweeping turns have their gowns fanning out as the ladies twirl all together, filling the air with that feminine grace.

And once they spread out and squat down, the gentlemen make their entrance, this time to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, because there’s no other song that fits the Viennese Waltz today.
Young girls love dressing up and feeling like a princess so this night was surely special for these ladies.

The guys may have been looking for that perfect opportunity to impress that one girl they’ve been eyeing in school.

It’s the right time to hold her and dance with her and they knew it.

Aren’t they mesmerizing to watch?

No wonder the Viennese Waltz is so popular around the world.
It’s almost like time stood still for this huge group of dancers.

Now imagine if this was held in a castle.

And as they break into five smaller circles, their seamless transitions seem to elevate the song’s romantic vibe.

And the comments section is just full of praises.
“It’s magical So nice So beautiful. I love it”

“Honestly just so beautiful and elegant”

“Stunning simply stunning”

Hours and hours of practice have these young men and women dancing and twirling in front of an audience that’s probably comprised of their teachers, parents, and fellow students.

And it was all worth it. It’s one of those memories they’ll look back to in two decades when they find themselves weighed down with life’s responsibilities.

An evening of magic.

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