Horse only comes running when little boy calls her name

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Toddlers are cute, but what is even cuter is toddlers interacting with animals.It’s so adorable to see little people sharing experiences with animals and how the animals react to the children’s acts.Horses are known to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world, and experts agree that they can sense if the human approaching them has good intentions or not.

And, when it comes to a child approaching them, chances are that horses know that all they want is to play with them and enjoy some fun time together.That’s what Maple, a beautiful white and brown horse, sensed when little boy Kolten approached her.Kolten is Maple’s caretaker’s young son, who just fell in love with the horse from the first time that he saw her.

His mom has always loved to be around horses, and she just can’t wait to take Maple outside and play with her, walk or ride her, and this is exactly what Kolten wants, too. He wants to have Maple, or “May May” as he calls her, close and the horse seems to like that, as well.

As Kolten’s mom explained, from the first time that he called Maple’s name from the pasture, the horse came running to him. This looked weird to the woman because Maple had never done that with her before.

“The first time he called Maple from the pasture,” the woman told The Dodo, “she just turned around and looked at him and came running up. I was like ‘Why doesn’t she do that with me?’”

It seems that the two of them had already started building a strong bond and Kolten’s mom couldn’t be prouder of her son.

She just loved how careful he was with the horse and how affectionately he petted her, and she was also amazed by the horse’s behavior towards the little person that she now has around.

As mom Melina said, whenever they leave for a few days and come back home, Kolten’s first job is to call Maple’s name and watch her run towards him.

That is such an adorable sight!
Kolten’s parents recently bought him a rideable tractor for his birthday, so he has been enjoying riding his tractor around the property, while his mother follows him on Maple.

“I set her reins down and she just kept following him,” Melina said, “and I’m like, ‘Wherever Kolten goes, I know that Maple’s gonna follow’”.

Kolten’s mom is proud of both her son and her beloved horse, and she just loves watching them grow and learn together.
She also has a TikTok account, where she shares videos of her son and his best friend- aka May May- and people just love them.

Her videos have been liked more than 5m times by viewers and she just keeps going. After all, who would get tired of watching a toddler having fun with a cute horse?


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