Jennifer Garner Bought Family Farm Where Her Mom Grew up to Protect Her Memories


The story behind Jennifer Garner’s family farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, is inspiring and emotional. After Garner’s parents bought the farm in 1936, it was sold to different family members until the actress took ownership of it. Today, the farm has become a successful company called Once upon a farm.

Actress Jennifer Garner is very fond of posting her throwback pictures on Instagram. The actress enjoys sharing different moments from her childhood to remind herself of her humble beginnings and provide a moment to learn and express gratitude.For instance, Garner posted a school picture of herself at six.

The Hollywood star joked about taking violin classes for six years without getting any better at it. She wrote that her mother offered to pay her to stop playing the violin.

However, Garner used this funny detail about herself to bring awareness to the importance of education, especially for younger girls. Despite her failed attempt at learning the violin, Garner expressed how thankful she is for having the opportunity to receive such an education.

Garner grew up as the middle child of two sisters who shared a close connection. The Hollywood star enjoys sharing memorable moments of childhood with her siblings.

She shared a picture of her and her sister wearing matching outfits to celebrate the first day of spring, the unforgettable days at the pool, and the adventures she has experienced with them.

Garner is proud and honored to have experienced such a beautiful childhood. On the contrary, her mother, Patricia Ann Garner, faced poverty growing up. The actress opened up about her mother’s complicated life in “Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan.”

Garner said her mom was so poor she could not even imagine how she managed to allow herself to leave the farm she lived on in Locust Grover, Oklahoma.

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Garner understood the sensitivity of sharing the state of Patricia’s upbringing on such a big platform; therefore, the actress first asked her mother if she was comfortable with the world knowing the information. But Patricia did not mind; in fact, the actress quoted her response and said:

“She said, ‘I’m never ashamed of growing up poor. Rather, I am amazed by the grace and dignity that my parents had throughout my childhood,’”

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In an exclusive interview with Southern Living, Jennifer Garner’s mother shared the history behind the Oklahoma farm that Garner now owns. Patricia started the story when the farm was purchased by her parents, Harvey Newton English and Violet Margaret Sayre English.

Patrica’s parents purchased the farm in 1936 during the Great Depression. Harvey worked as a laborer and was a veteran of World War I. As a reward for his service in the war, he received a bonus which he and Violet knew they wanted to invest into a home.

Jennifer’s grandparents only had $700, for which they had to negotiate long and hard. Patricia said her mother remembered Harvey “leaning on his heels” all day to negotiate over twenty dollars before they could settle on a price.

Garner’s grandparents took a leap of faith to purchase that land; according to Patricia, her parents did not even have a car to take them to the farm; they had hired someone to drive to the property.

Besides the 20 acres of land the two-bedroom was situated, the farmhouse did not have much. Patricia said they did not have indoor plumbing or running water for as long as she lived there. The electricity was only installed nine years later, in 1945.

On the upside, Patrica has fond memories of her father’s garden. The land was rich, so they always had fresh seasonal vegetables. Garner’s mother said the first vegetables they harvested were radishes, leaf lettuces, English peas, and new potatoes.

The farm was also large enough to house chickens, cows, and pigs, where the family got most of their meat. In the spring of 1962, Garner’s grandfather died, and her grandmother sold the farm to Patricia’s older James and his wife, Helen.

“Garner’s dream of producing healthy kid’s food that does not leave parents stressed about their children not getting enough nutrients has come true.”
When James and Helen bought the farm, Garner’s grandparents had bought an adjoining 30 acres of land where they built a barn; however, later, Patricia’s brother James decided to sell the farm to Robert and his wife, Janet.


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After the Oklahoma farm had made rounds in the Patricia family, Garner decided to be the owner and purchased the farm in 2017.

The actress bought the farm to preserve her mother’s memories but also to live there and continue taking care of the land. Garner plans to give her mother’s childhood home new life.

The well-being of children is Garner’s passion. She is a mother of three children Violet, 16; Seraphina, 13; and Samuel, 10. The actress had the bright idea of turning the Oklahoma farm into a business producing organic food for babies and big children.

Garner’s business, Once upon a farm, is not only focused on kids’ nutrition but also strives to make healthy eating accessible and passed down through generations.

Jennifer Garner in Hollywood CA 2016. | Source: Getty Images

The “Once Upon a farm” business idea has become a success. The company has partnered with the non-profit organization Save the Children, which focuses on providing healthy food, education, and a safe environment for kids around the United States.

Garner’s dream of producing healthy kid’s food that does not leave parents stressed about their children not getting enough nutrients has come true. The actress has created a company that offers parents an excellent work-life balance, creating a happy environment for co-workers.

Garner is genuinely invested in her family farm. The actress spends a lot of time there and even includes her grandmother’s recipes in the blends she creates for her company and shares the family recipes with her Instagram followers.

Garner shared a picture of her parents in honor of grandparent day to express her gratitude for all they have done for her. The actress also took the time to shout out her grandparents, Harvey and Violet.

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