Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli’s newest duet is heavenly


There are certain songs that are so moving they send shivers up your spine.By no surprise, when Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban collaborated for the duet, “We Will Meet Once Again,” this is the result many experienced.But just when you think listening to the renowned artists combined vocals is powerful enough – watching them actually sing together takes it to another level.

A new music video was released on Groban’s YouTube channel that features the pair performing their duet side-by-side, surrounded by instrumentalists and flickering lights.Instead of closing your eyes to picture Bocelli and Groban creating beautiful music together – it’s a video that brings your visions to life.

Already it’s taking people’s breath away across the globe.

Bocelli and Groban are both talented and successful singers that have known each other for years. In fact, they met when Groban was just a teen, in a twist of fate kind of way.
Just prior to Groban releasing his album Bridges in 2018, which includes their duet “We Will Meet Once Again,” he took to Facebook to explain how they first crossed paths.

He wrote:

“A duet almost 20 years in the making. I owe so much to an early opportunity I had, I was 17 and in high school and asked to be a stand in singer for Andrea Bocelli when he was stuck on a plane for the Grammy’s rehearsals. (Longer story how THAT even happened). A terrified, pimple faced and blissfully naive kid sang his heart out that afternoon and the rest is history. Meeting him backstage when he finally arrived I just thought “how cool is this? What a world this is.”

The rehearsals Josh is referring to were for Celine Dion and Bocelli’s 1998 Grammys duet of “The Prayer.”

Sometimes, life works out for us in unexpected ways.

And for Groban, he found his calling all those years ago and has never looked back.
He must have been glad Andrea got stuck. Josh just won’ admit it of course.

“We Will Meet Once Again” also appears on Andrea Bocelli’s Grammy Nominated album, Sì. The same album also features duets with other musical artists like Ed Sheeran and his son, Matteo Bocelli.
Groban also expressed his feelings about the song in his Facebook post, writing:

“This song, aptly titled We Will Meet Once Again, is one of my favorites I’ve ever co-written and recorded. It has so much meaning to me.”

He is a true artist who pours forth all his emotions in his work.

While Bocelli and Groban’s collaboration has been enjoyed by listeners around the world – everyone received an additional gift when their video was released.
It takes place in the gorgeous coastal town of Portovenere, Italy – and begins with the preparation of a music show.

As the song plays in the background, black and white footage flips between scenes and the special artists involved in the event.

The viewer’s eyes are treated to what could have very well been a short film.

The cinematography is stunning.

It’s one of those videos that made you wish you were there.

Finally, Bocelli and Groban take the stage together dressed in white with beauty all around them.
In front of a sea of people, they are shown performing “We Will Meet Once Again,” which is sung in Italian.

It’s a magical combination of sight and song that internet users are falling in love with.

A woman named Jenni commented on YouTube:

“Tears in my eyes. How truly Blessed we are to have two Angels from Heaven singing down here on Earth so we can hear them… 😀 <3”
Another person wrote:

“Beautiful imagery plus two of the greatest singers in a lifetime singing a beautiful song together equals perfection! ❤❤❤❤”

Indeed, the visual brilliance of the video paired with the immense beauty of both Bocelli and Groban’s voices take the song’s message to a higher place.

One they may not have realized. They have that effect when singing.

Celine Dion did say that if God were to have a singing voice, it would be Andrea Bocelli’s. And Josh Groban?

Well this man’s voice can make God’s angels weep. Absolute brilliance.

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