Keep An Eye Out For This Gas Pump Scheme Or You Could End Up Paying For Someone Else’s Gas


Life’s been pretty tough on all of us over the past two years, and most people just want respite from the woes of current issues. Amidst the challenges the world has faced, there are pretty good people still doing the best they can.Then there are a few rotten souls who consciously and deliberately go out of their way to cheat others and make them feel miserable.

Cars are a necessity even though it costs a lot of money to keep them running.Gas prices have gone up once again and filling up that tank takes a huge chunk out of someone’s savings. Small car with small engines, big trucks with massive ones, and everything in between needs that go juice to function.

Pretty straightforward. Drive into a station, pick a pump, and get your gas.

But a few scoundrels have figured out a way to cheat hardworking people out of their fuel. By swapping the nozzles, they get a whole lot of gas courtesy of an unsuspecting stranger’s hard earned money.

An ARCO gas station in Sacramento County caught the suspects thanks to their security cameras.
Two drivers pull up to the station on Watt Avenue and Blackfoot Way, swap the nozzles then one leaves while the other waits for some unfortunate victim to pay for his gas.

Station Manager Bobby Johl shared the video and gave a short interview to spread awareness.

“It was real quick, only took a second,” Johl said, “But you can see now, the hose comes across the pump instead of on the side itself.”

Johl narrated that when random people pull up to start pumping gas, the suspect would start his meter too, counting on the victims not to notice that they were paying for his gas.

Crazy times we’re living in.
If you can afford the car, then you should be able to spend for running costs. But of course there will always be scammers and cheaters out there so take note of Johl’s message.

Police are now reminding customers to take a moment and verify that the hose of their nozzle is attached to the right pump. No one ever really checks so we can’t blame the victims.

Another way to do so, according to Johl, is to start and stop the pump and check the meter. If your meter stops, then you’re good to go so keep pumping.

The station has since refunded the customers who were victims of the scam.

“I know people are going through hard times, but everybody is. So, don’t cheat your neighbor,” Johl said.

Simple and wise. Work hard and be honest, basically.

There are many other ways to get scammed at gas stations so be diligent and do your research too. Some countries have gas attendants who pump gas for customers so don’t be too trusting either.

It’s been a tough two years but hang in there. Nothing to worry about when you live an honest life.

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