Kelly Clarkson Sings Her Story And Doesn’t Even Realize She Makes Keith Urban Cry…


Few singers can equal Kelly Clarkson’s capacity for bringing a depth of feeling and sincere passion to a song. Her grace and elegance on stage are equivalent to her great musical talent.

When she takes the microphone, she actually commands the room. It’s simply remarkable to see how she can get a crowd to stand up by using the force of her voice.

All the judges were captivated by her performance on the American Idol stage in 2016, but Keith Urban’s response really drew everyone’s attention. Continue reading to learn his thoughts on Clarkson’s live rendition of her song, “Piece by Piece.”

When Kelly Clarkson made her American Idol debut in the inaugural season in 2002, she instantly became famous, which was more than 12 years ago. According to, she was a modest 20-year-old cocktail waitress from Texas with a dream to sing. And because of Clarkson’s brilliance, she succeeded, becoming the first American Idol champion ever. The teenage singer’s career was boosted by the victory, which netted her a recording deal. Since then, Clarkson has established her own television program, released millions of albums, and won numerous awards.

In 2016, she made a comeback for the show’s season to take the stage and perform one of her original compositions. She captivated the entire audience from the time she entered the stage when eight months along with her baby Remington Blackstock.

Anyone who hears Clarkson sing will be mesmerized.

The gathering became electrified as they waited in eager anticipation to hear her famed voice.

Keith Urban, one of the judges for the singing contest, cried as Clarkson sang her moving song. His countenance and complete awe of her singing revealed the feelings he was experiencing. Clarkson wrote her song piece by piece based on her own life experiences.

Clarkson, according to Urban, is not just the first American Idol but also a fantastic singer. Urban described Clarkson, who served as a guest judge for that season of the singing competition, as “very authentic” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She lacks two distinct personas. She is who she is. And simply being around it and seeing that is so rejuvenating.

The song was co-written by Clarkson and Greg Kurstin. It was abundantly evident that the song wasn’t just based on her experiences but also deeply personal to Clarkson and brimming with unfiltered emotion.

According to Huff Post, Clarkson came up with the song idea while talking to her sister. The song contrasted their father, who had abandoned Clarkson and her family when she was just six years old, following their mother’s divorce, and the women’s discussion of how supportive their husbands are to them. The song’s lyrics state that Clarkson’s marriage to her ex-husband Brandon Blakcstock “restored trust that a man may be decent and a father could stay.”

Just minutes into her performance, Clarkson did something that surprised both the judges and the audience: she became overcome with emotion while singing the immensely moving lyrics, fighting back tears.

She briefly hesitated to complete the song as she displayed incredibly real emotion, which is so uncommon in onstage performances by music superstars like Clarkson.

The force and passion she puts into every performance resonate very profoundly with her fans, and Clarkson is renowned for the extraordinary and almost instant bond she forms with audiences that hear her sing live.

Her performance elicited similar reactions from the audience as Urban did. Kelly is a multifaceted American Idol. One spectator said, “This is one of them. “All that was needed for Kelly’s performance was a piano accompaniment, which allowed the audience to feel every phrase she sang. Her stage presence persisted throughout the entire song, and her facial emotions added to the drama. Not a single eye in the house was dry.

Urban continued by expressing his gratitude for getting to see Clarkson perform. “The humanity at that moment was just… well, you never see that, apart from her incredible skill as a vocalist and the song and performance. not to mention on television,” he added.

Watch the amazing performance below: