Little Boy Literally Steals The Spotlight When He Dances For The Whole Stadium


Who doesn’t love participating in concerts, especially when it’s just near you? Millions of people attend concerts of their favorite bands or singers each year.Some even don’t mind spending lavishly just to see their favorites perform live, and hopefully up close.Sometimes, concertgoers get something special.

Some go to concerts to spend quality time with friends and family.Whatever it is- rock and roll, western, hip hop, or countless others, there’s some excitement that connects people as they patiently wait for the show to start.Before the concert begins
There’s loud music being played at the start of the show to keep the crowd energized and alive.

There are also cameramen who scan the audience and put their faces on enormous screens. This somehow makes the people feel special.

In particular, they search for people who are dressed uniquely and those who seem to display so much excitement for the event.

Occasionally, kids who are doing their own thing get caught by the camera too.

During the Rascal Flatts concert, a young boy with blonde hair shows a massive display of excitement as the music begins playing. He is too happy, and he cannot contain himself.

The boy steals the spotlight.
He is not ashamed to show off his dancing skills. The kid doesn’t mind the people around him. What matters to him is to have that opportunity to dance right at the stairs.

Good thing he is being careful too not to fall, and his mom is watching his every move closely.

His mama is not stopping him.
Instead, she shows full support for what her boy wants to do. Besides, who wants to spoil a kid’s simple happiness?

People start recording his performance.
Out of adoration for the boy’s confidence and feeling amused at his candid performance, the crowd cheers wildly. Many are taking videos of the little man.

He even shows them more dancing as the people cheer for him. The crowd is clapping their hands to the music, and the boy shows his talent.

It is probably his favorite dance moves that he has learned at home, and he’s too happy to finally show it to so many people now.

The kid is a born performer.

The boy is simply enjoying the music “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. Perhaps, it’s the kind of music that he dances to most often.

That’s why he cannot just sit and stop himself from dancing.

Becoming the entertainment.

The charming little boy is entertaining the audience of the Rascal Flatts just before the spotlight is given to the real stars of the concert.

He may not remember this moment, but he can watch the recordings of his performance when he’s older and reminisce the time when his parents tagged him along to a concert.

Rascal Flatts was having a concert in Pikeville, Kentucky.

This American country band is not only known for writing great songs and performing amazing shows. But it is also one of the very influential bands in US history.

The members started as a Christian group and named themselves East to West.

Everyone is entertained by the little guy.
You cannot deny in the video how everybody is having so much fun with his dancing. His mood is contagious, and people are feeling alive.

When the cameraman notices the young boy, somebody turns the house light on to focus on the kid. More people are able to see that short entertainment through the big screen.

Rascal Flatts may have seen him dance live too.

Viewers are also entertained with his dance, and they say,

“That little dude was having the time of his life, and so was the crowd watching him. Kudos to the person on the lights.”

“Too cute, there’s nothing shy about him. Lil dancing machine, he stole the show.”

The people in the auditorium instantly became a fan of this boy. They go crazy over his dancing, and others are shouting as they enjoy his slick moves.

His stomping moves, twisting, rolling of arms, and clapping to the song simply show his love for music.

This boy is adorable and talented.

Rascal Flatts plus this boy in that concert makes the ticket price well worth it.

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