Little girl hilariously denies touching the dog’s food


When you are little, there is nothing worse than a disapproving look and a harsh scolding from Mom and Dad. Toddlers instinctively know when they are in trouble and they will do anything to avoid being punished.Time and time again, we see what kids’ primary strategy is in an argument — deny, deny deny.

It might not be an effective technique, however, it is hilarious.That’s what a recent viral video from Jacksonville, Florida proves.
In the short clip, 21-month-old Lilyana threw an absolute fit over something you would never expect — dog food! Did she or did she touch the dog food? That was the question of the day.

While it takes many years for kids to fully develop complex language skills, Lilyana did her best to defend herself anyway.
Her strategy was simply to deny over and over again that she touched it. There was just one problem… her parents Sarah and Tim actually saw her do it.

“The argument started because earlier when I was doing dishes, Lilyana came over and almost touched a sharp knife so my husband told her not to touch it and she said she didn’t touch it,” Sarah explained to the Daily Mail.

Lilyana then started touching other things she wasn’t supposed to in an act of rebellion.
Pretty soon, she went over and started grabbing the dog’s food out of his bowl. That’s when the main disagreement featured in the video began.

Sarah immediately called her out on it.
However, Lilyana was not about to admit guilt so easily, at least not without putting up a fight. Her goal was to deny any involvement until the end of time. As long as she didn’t give in, she would win the debate.

Her mom asked her if she touched the dog food again and her response back was loud and clear, according to her, she definitely didn’t.

“No, I did not touch the food,” Lilyana screams back.

It’s one of the most adorable little fits that we have ever seen.
Lilyana stuck to her guns and refused to give in. She continued to deny any wrong-doing repeatedly for close to two minutes.

“What 21-month-old doesn’t try? She figured out that we were teasing her and she was being funny so she kept it going on that she didn’t touch the food,” said Sarah.

It didn’t matter how many times her mom told her that she saw her do it, Lilyana was not interested in backing down.

Finally, her dad had to get involved.
He bent down to get on her level and reaffirmed, that yes, he saw her touch the food too. He was even able to recall some crucial details about the crime — she did it with her right hand.

However, Lilyana didn’t care about the evidence or eyewitnesses.
In her mind, she was completely innocent. All Sarah and Tim could do was laugh at how ridiculous their daughter was being.

By the end of the video, everyone was cracking up with laughter and even Lilyana showed a little smirk on her face.
Deep down, she knew she wasn’t as innocent as she was portraying. Her anger at being called out was all just a hilarious front.

We understand why her parents got upset with her though.
Not only are kids at that age liable to eat pet food, but they can also make a big mess. We can totally understand why Lilyana’s parents wouldn’t like it. That food is supposed to be for the dog and not anyone else.

In addition, the parents were trying to convey a lesson about accepting responsibility for one’s actions. However, this time, trying to get Lilyana to accept fault for touching the food was a losing battle. Maybe the parents can try again in a few months, although, somehow we really doubt that things will go any differently.

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