Mama Cow And Her Baby Reunite After Long Month Apart


The video of them reuniting melted my heart–it’s beautiful to see how emotional the mama gets.One day, Uncle Neil’s Home, a farm sanctuary in Bridgeton, New Jersey, received a call from a nearby dairy farm.The farmer told the sanctuary staff that one of their cows was not producing milk anymore.

The farmer was wondering if the sanctuary would be willing to take in the cow in question and her baby. The answer was yes, no second thought needed.Luna, the adult cow, had been living on the farm for 10 years, producing milk for babies that were taken away from her. This must have been a heartbreaking experience for her. However, she now had Violet, her baby that she could not feed.

According to the farm’s staff, Luna had stopped producing milk lately, and therefore, she was useless to them. So, when Uncle Neil’s Home welcomed her on their farm, they did not expect that she would nurse her baby, Violet.
“The most amazing thing happened,” Rian Fieldman, founder of the sanctuary said. “When Luna came to the sanctuary, she started producing enough milk for Violet. And so Violet started nursing, even though we were told she wouldn’t be able to.”

But only two weeks later, Violet started showing “severe respiratory symptoms,” and she had to be taken to the vet. The diagnosis was severe pneumonia, and the vet was not very optimistic.

“They didn’t feel that she had a chance of survival, which was absolutely devastating to hear,” Fieldman recalled.

Luna was really sad after her baby left the sanctuary, and the staff did their best to make her feel better.
They brushed her and gave her treats, trying to calm her down and comfort her. They even used FaceTime to help mother and daughter communicate.

And then, magically, Violet started getting better. She was a brave little fighter, and she was able to overcome her illness.

After a month at the hospital, Violet’s health had improved so much that she could return to the sanctuary. And when Luna saw her, she just lost it!

“Immediately they recognized each other and knew that they were back home,” Fieldman said of their reunion. “It was incredible! Luna did not stop licking her for, like, ten minutes.”

Mother and daughter knew that they were back together and they couldn’t be more excited about it.
Violet got to meet the other calves during the first days that followed her return. At first, Luna was always by her side making sure that she would be fine.

Little by little, as Violet showed that she was just fine, and Luna was convinced that she was safe, she loosened up. Violet started running around the farm with the other animals, proving that she had left her health issues behind.

Mother and daughter are extremely happy in their new home and enjoying their new life together.