Man gives special gift to police officer for being only one willing to ‘bust a move’


If you search for the word kindness, google will tell you it is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. An act and value that we all want to see in the world every day.Be kind every day.Feed your heart with kindness and joy.He shares videos showing good vibes and kindness by giving cash to people he meets on the street.

Knowing kindness by heart, Jimmy loves challenging people and giving them rewards.Then a cop walked up.A cop came out of a convenience store and accepted his challenge. Boy, did he show Jimmy his dance moves!After the dance, Jimmy revealed that he wants to give him $500 for being so game with the challenge.

According to a popular quote by an author and American philosopher, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, “If you have the choice between being right and being kind, choose to be kind.”


And in this video, we can see that the cop picked both. He chose to be right by politely declining the money from Jimmy Maybe, because of the code of conduct as a police officer.And then he chose to be kind by suggesting to Jimmy to share the blessing with others who need it most.

Sweet surprise for a hardworking kidJimmy of course is committed to blessing someone that day with $500 as he promised to the kind cop.Jimmy met this hardworking kid selling candy on street. The kid couldn’t help but say thank you to Jimmy profusely.And, without a doubt, your heart will melt when you see the child embrace Jimmy. Even with the face mask on, we can see the child’s warm smile.


This is something we enjoy seeing every day.What a wonderful day!On that bright day, we witnessed two amazing acts that will make us believe in humanity again.

First, generosity. The generosity of the police officer in giving his best smile, dance move, and good values to us.The second is gratitude. The kid can’t believe that he’ll be receiving that large amount that day and he can’t help but thank Jimmy.


But of course, we have to commend the generosity and love of Jimmy in what he’s doing. His mission of spreading awareness about kindness is amazing.

Jimmy uses his platform to raise funds for the needy like Adam, who has been homeless for more than a decade now.Jimmy asked his followers to join him to raise funds to get Adam’s life back.

Even though Jimmy is receiving so much attention because of his content, Jimmy stayed grounded by being true to his mission of spreading kindness and love to the world.

Truly, he inspires us to do the right thing with pure kindness every day. And believe that we can change the world to be a better place, one video at a time.

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