Man lives in an old gas station and gives cameras a full tour


There are many unique homes in the world, but very few started out as gas stations.Artist Robert Guthrie, from New Orleans, purchased a nearly 100-year-old gas station in his New Orleans neighborhood with the goal of turning it into a creative living space.Not everyone thought it was a good idea at first.

Guthrie explained to CNN that his son thought he was “crazy” after presenting the idea to him.However, it didn’t stop the artist from fulfilling his dream. He shared:“I fell in love with the space the first time I saw it. I was so lucky to finally get it.”According to, the building had been used as a jewelry-making studio and furniture-building shop prior to Guthrie purchasing it.

After a lot of hard work, Guthrie transformed the gas station into a stunning home and studio.
The two-story building, which is located in the Bayou St. John neighborhood, contains all one would need for modern comfort.

There’s a gorgeous kitchen with the latest appliances and the bathrooms have been brought up to date.

It even has an open floor plan.

Guthrie decided to give his residence a vintage, automobile theme.
What filling station-turned-home would be complete without some memorabilia?

In addition to preserving some of the station’s original features, Guthrie incorporated numerous antique pieces as well.

He told CNN:

“As an artist, it’s my biggest art project and I was able to incorporate items of cars and gasoline and stuff like that.”

It’s like a blast from the past.
The handles on the cabinets are classic emblems, and there’s a cool art piece made from toy vehicles near the bathroom.

Guthrie’s creation is a car enthusiast’s dream home come to life!

Even the original hydraulic lift was used in the making of the staircase landing.

The artist explained that a certain area, in particular, was his favorite.
One of the bathrooms has headlights that have been transformed into sconces.

As for the toilet paper holder? It’s made out of a vintage gas can rack.

Other automobile touches were added throughout the room too.

Those weren’t the only things that Guthrie loved about it.
In the video, we’re given a closer look at the unique bathroom, which has a large jacuzzi-style tub and a tile wall reaching two stories.

Guthrie’s cozy bedroom overlooked it all.If you go onto the roof of the house, you’ll find a nice treasure.
Just look at how amazing this rooftop deck is? Apparently, it even has a “nice view” too.

The gas station-home is topped with green Spanish tiles, and there’s a “Sinclair Gasoline” sign hanging out front.
Guthrie shared:

“New Orleans is a different city and this is really a different place. I think it fits in just by being quirky.”

If you’re someone who enjoys looking at extraordinary homes, this is one you don’t want to miss.

You’re able to get a glimpse of how talented he was through this incredible project.

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