Man records 3 boys as they help an elderly man and rewards them for their good deed


Social media platforms are becoming sources of toxicity and negativity, wouldn’t you agree? What’s even more alarming about this fact is that people of all ages, particularly minors, can access these platforms.Nevertheless, we also find fine things in social media like viral videos about kindness and humanity.

Just like what a man saw randomly on the streets. It was not a crime in action or anything of the same kind.He saw three boys displaying a genuine act of kindness.Richard Allen from Northeast Philadelphia was in his car when he witnessed the beautiful moment. Right in front of his bare naked eyes, he saw three young boys unhesitatingly helping an elderly man with his walker and bag.

Allen told 6abc Action News in an exclusive interview, “I was on my phone and I noticed a bus pulled over, and I see a group of kids helping an elderly man. “I said, ‘Wow!’ I have to record this.”

The young boys’ innocence turned out to be one of the many proofs of humanity.

Yes, humanity does exist and a lot of people are still naturally kind. Just take these helpful boys as examples. In the video taken by Allen, a bus pulled over in front of his car, then an elderly man got off but was struggling to get to his walker.

The two taller boys assisted the man in getting to his walker, while the other kid (who seemed to be the youngest) held the walker and fixed the man’s bag.

The man then walked away and so did the three young men.

Allen was continuously recording the beautiful moment and decided to reward the kids.

He stepped out of his car and rewarded them with some cash. Although, it was obvious that they didn’t do it for the money or the attention.

They didn’t even know they were being recorded, it was really all about the natural kindness within them.

Afterwhich, Allen praised the boys for what they did and told them to continue helping when someone is in need. He shook each of the boys’ hands and the smallest boy even said “God bless you.”

If their kindness didn’t move you then I don’t what would.

Richard uploaded the video on TikTok and it went extremely viral!

As of this writing, it already racked up 1.5 million views, with hundreds of thousands of “heart” reactions, tens of thousands of comments, and thousands of shares!

“I wanted it to basically get shared to a lot of different kids that actually see this video to want to do better. That you don’t have to get noticed for doing bad all the time,” Allen said while explaining why he decided to upload the video online.

We need more people like these three young men in the viral video. This world will definitely become a more beautiful and safer place if it’s filled with kind people.

While we often say children learn from adults, sometimes, it’s us who learn from them.

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