Man Reunites With Baby Brother 80 Years After He Was Taken Away And Placed For Adoption


Growing up with a brother is such a priceless experience. You feel safe because you know that there’s someone who’ll protect you and be there for you when things get shaky.Bill Cordes failed to experience what it’s like to protect his little brother.Although he was young at that moment, he could still recall the day strangers pulled up to their home and took away his little sibling who was just four months old then.

Confused, he turned to his mother for answers.Unfortunately, Bill’s mom failed to share why people had to take away the baby.All she said was that everything was alright and that the boy would be in good care. Devastated, Bill thought of running inside and putting his brother in a cupboard so that people wouldn’t see him.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Bill’s mom already signed the papers and the baby was brought to foster care.
The elder brother didn’t know what was happening. All he knew was that he would miss his brother so much. It was a painful experience and one he’d have in his heart in the next years to come.

After the baby was taken away, Bill didn’t have a clue where he was moved to or even the family who took him in.

The siblings reunited nearly 80 years later.

During those years, the two got married. They even traveled around the country and fought in wars. They started their own families without being there for each other.

Dana, Bill’s granddaughter, made the first move to look for her uncle.

Even though she didn’t have tons of information to start her search, she had enough to track her long-lost relative.

Dana did a DNA and an ancestry test.

It led her to Robert in Arizona. She reached out to him but she never received a reply. She was determined to find the missing piece of Bill’s life. After a bit of work, she was able to contact Robert’s son.

Then, the family received the response they were hoping to get.

The families set a reunion. They met on Robert’s farm and as soon as they saw each other, they began sharing stories. It was as if they were trying to catch up for the lost time.

In the video, you can see a lot of emotions flowing.
During WFMZ’s coverage of the story, Bill says:

“I’ve been looking for him all my life – unreal.”

The brothers plan to be closer to each other.

In fact, Robert is thinking of moving near Bill’s place. His wife doesn’t know about it yet, but he plans on telling her.

For Bill, it was a surreal experience.

After 79 long years, he was able to see and be reunited with his brother. It took the family a long time but they made it- they are finally together. And looking at their reaction after seeing each, there’s no doubt that they’ll stick tight.

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