Man shows how to turn a $16,000 Home Depot shed into a tiny home


Big houses are tiring and expensive to maintain. Building one from scratch with the help of an architect takes a lot of time. So just head on down to Home Depot and buy one of their small houses.You read that right. Find a place to set it on, order one, then just decorate as your heart pleases.

This is the Tuff Shed.There are a variety of small houses but this one’s got a nice wooden front deck to it. Perfect for those afternoon coffee sessions or evening drinks with the group after a long day.The company’s profile says,

“Tuff Shed is a true American original, beginning in the west in 1981 with one man’s dream of designing, fabricating and installing quality backyard buildings for customers. 40 years later, Tuff Shed is an industry leader, now serving customers throughout all of the lower 48 contiguous United States.”

Tuff Shed has partnered with Home Depot with a selection of designs fit for any lifestyle.

Tiny home lovers are going to love this model. They’re built strong so don’t let the size fool you. It comes bare so you can paint and decorate to come out with a look you want.

Delivery and on-site installation comes with the $16,007 price tag.

A bare floor and a metal door greets potential buyers with walls made from wood. It’s bare alright so you can literally do what you want from scratch as you work with the foundation.

Will you buy one or a car?

That’s an eight foot ceiling too so no worries should you have friends who tower like trees.

Set a kitchen and a living room down there, setting up the furniture in a way that saves space and won’t hamper movements and you’re all set. Add insulation if you live in a colder area.

Check out what this little house offers for potential buyers.
Look at the size of those boards and how they support the ceiling and walls. These little homes are tough enough to withstand a bit of rain. And that’s just the bare structure!

There are two windows on the opposite ends of the second floor.

Here’s a comment from a guy who helped build these. He says,
“I used to be the lead wall fabricator at the tuff shed fab shop in Pittsburgh. I loved building those things. Is a very efficiently setup operation. We fabricated the walls at the shop and cut all the ply for the floors and roofs and had everything set as a lot for the builders. We even built all our own trusses and certain styles of doors at the shop. Built just like a house with 16 or 24 on center depending on the level of shed you purchased. Steel C channel runners for the floors, 3/4 tongue and groove ply for the floors, 1/2 ply for the roofs. That was 15 years ago. I still have a tuff shed door as my basement entry (bilco style).”

Convinced yet?

These small houses may be the way to go with everything becoming expensive now. Something to think about!

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