Military Dad Surprises His Three Girls At Father-Daughter Dance


Every year, U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer James Ring makes sure that he never misses his daughters’ father-daughter dance at school.As a military officer, James’ nature of work would require him to be away from his family for long periods of time. It was difficult, but his wife and their three lovely girls understand why he has to be away.

Because of this, it has become very important for James to attend special events so his family would know that he is doing his best to be there for them.11-year-old twins, Faith and Hope Ring, together with their younger sister Grace, 7 years old, attend McKeel Academy, a Lakeland charter school.

One of the most special days each year is the much-awaited annual father-daughter dance wherein grade schoolers are given the chance to have a special dance with their fathers.

This year, James was also intent on participating with his girls. However, he was deployed to Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
Apparently, the night of the father-daughter dance is the same night he was scheduled to be on a mission of guarding a defense department official.

The girls were not too happy about it, especially the twins who were to have their last father-daughter dance that night. It was unfortunate, but they also understood what their dad’s job entailed. Instead of their dad, their grandpa, Rick Sherman, would be taking them to the dance.

What the girls did not know was that James was working towards having his schedule re-arranged so he could still attend his daughters’ dance. He asked his commanding officer if he could be home on the day of the event, and it was approved!
“I feel like a kid — I haven’t slept,” James shared. “I was thinking about this all night, how I would do it, how they would react. I just can’t wait to see the expression on their face.”

His wife, Candi Ring, was also very happy about the great turn of events.

“I’m really excited. I know the girls will be really excited, too, and I’m glad he was able to make it to be there for them because a lot of soldiers don’t get to come home for that.”

The girls were oblivious that they were about to receive a very special gift that night. The twins wore blue sparkling dresses matched with white shoes and a half-up hairdo courtesy of their mom. Little Grace wore a white sparkling dress. Their nails were painted with glitter and they all were very excited about the dance.

As fathers and daughters came that night to the venue, Faith, Hope and Grace were also on their way to the dance, not knowing that their parents were secretly waiting for them to arrive.

James was in his uniform when he waited near the doorway to the venue, hiding behind a bunch of pink and white balloons. When the three girls finally got there, they immediately made their way into the gymnasium when their mom stopped them and told them to go the other way.

Confused, the girls faced the direction their mom mentioned. That was the moment when they saw the familiar silhouette of their dad. They squealed in happiness and could not believe that it was their father they were seeing.

A reunion filled with happy tears.
The girls quickly ran and embraced their father who was also very happy to see and be with his daughters once more. It was an emotional moment that moved the family and everyone watching to tears.

Faith, Hope, Grace, and James truly missed each other. The girls were just so ecstatic to see their father again, and most importantly, to be able to share their last father-daughter dance at school.

James would never miss that unforgettable day for the world because, for him, family is everything.
He told The Ledger:

“Family is everything. I’ve been in the military and in law enforcement for 19 years and, as a result, I’ve missed quite a few family events,” the military dad shared. “And so attending events like this is very important to me and that’s why, for the past four years, I’ve made it a priority to attend each one of these events.”

Indeed, family is everything and we have witnessed yet again an inspiring father who would stop at nothing when it comes to making his family happy.

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