Missing Lab reunites with family after over half a decade

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Everyone loves a Labrador Retriever. And you’re about to fall in love with one named Chuckie.He once was lost but now found and returned happily to his family where he will spend the rest of his days taking in all the love and food he desires. Chuckie was one of 166 rescued dogs and cats from a rural area in Adams County, Ohio.

They found him chained by the front of the property. Chuckie’s rescuers were able to trace his owners via a microchip. His family was from Indiana and he had been missing for five years.He is a handsome boy.It’s good to know that he remained in good health considering the conditions he was in along with the other rescued animals.

He’s in good spirits the moment he sees his owners. Four ladies are calling out to him and just look at how Chuckie pulls on that leash!

He goes straight to them, his tail nonstop as he soaks in the love he had been missing for five years. Even the guy holding his leash just gave up, let go, and allowed him to go on his own. Can’t hold back a happy dog.

Thanks to the awesome men and women who rescued Chuckie!

The Humane Society of the United States is more than willing to put up a fight against animal cruelty and abuse. They stand up for the defenseless animals who are neglected, hurting, or abandoned. You name it, they’re against it. Fur, puppy mills, cosmetics tested on animals, trophy hunting, and more are the enemies of this wonderful group of people.

They’ve been at it since 1954.

What makes a chocolate Lab like Chuckie special?
They are still very much Labrador Retrievers. Loving, friendly, outgoing, and perfect as family dogs. Most people go for the black Lab, and there have been doubts regarding the health of the chocolate-coated furballs. They were once rare, and even unwanted, leading to culled puppies. Sad.

Why wouldn’t anyone want one? It’s a Labrador, and it’s chocolate!
They tend to have thicker tails plus a chunkier head which works since it shows off that handsome happy face all the more. They also say that these dogs are more responsive to training, way more eager to chase and please their owners.

As if the black and yellow Labradors weren’t eager enough. These chocolate doggos are reported to be even more playful, with more energy to spend so long as they’re having fun. Hey, it’s a good workout.

Looks to be true with Chuckie here.
Five years is a long time but looking at the way he greets his owners, it doesn’t look like he’s forgotten them. Not even a bit of hesitation. They say the true test of character is when you have nothing, and by the looks of it, Chuckie has unbelievable character.

Who knows how hard those five years were for him? Remember they found him with his chain tangled on a rotting deer carcass that was supposed to be his food source. Such a strong spirit!

It’s not clear as to how or why Chuckie went missing but the important thing is that he’s home now. He’s got many more years ahead of him and by the looks of it, is in a great mood to start all over again.


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