Mom briefly leaves 4-year-old unattended & returns to find he ordered $100 worth of McDonald’s


When it comes to technology kids gravitate and pick it up like it’s nothing. Somehow they can manage to crack the code on anything, while adults can sometimes struggle.Nowadays kids are quite crafty when it comes to cellphones. Chances are, that your toddler already knows a lot more about tech than you even will!

How many times did you leave your phone unguarded, only to discover that your kid got a hold of it and was using it to browse the internet? We’re sure it happens quite often.Raissa Andrade, a 32-year-old mom from Brazil, discovered that her son had used her phone to order takeout.

When Raissa got back from the doctor’s office, she decided to take a shower. After that shower, she was stunned to discover her four-year-old son was sitting at the table covered in $100 worth of McDonald’s!

She had left her toddler unattended for a short time when she got back home from the doctor and decided to take a shower, as a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic. While she was showering she had no clue that her little son was up to no good during her absence!

He got his hands on her phone
The toddler used his mom’s phone to order food and wasn’t modest about it.

Little Tom, proving himself to be quite intelligent and capable for his age, ordered food by using voice request. He didn’t have any problem confirming the address for delivery!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Raissa and her son spent more time inside their home and she’d order takeout to avoid exposing them to the virus and maintaining social distancing. She told the local media Tom must’ve learned from her how to order takeout.

He has quite the big appetite
Tom must’ve been really hungry, for he ordered no less than 6 happy meals, but that wasn’t all

Tom ordered six happy meals, six promotional meals, ten milkshakes, eight McSundaes, eight bottles of water… and as you’d probably expect eight special offer toys! Quite an impressive tally!

Raissa had 10 bags of McDonald’s to collect at the building’s reception but despite the shock her son gave her (and money spent), she found the whole affair funny!

You’d be mistaken in assuming little Tom showed contrition for his little mischief, just the opposite, he complained to his mom some of the things he ordered were not delivered, including a yellow minion and apple pie!

It didn’t go to waste
What did Raissa and Tom do with all that food, you will surely wonder; worry not, for it didn’t go to waste

Mom and son certainly couldn’t eat all that food by themselves, so Raissa decided to share it with their relatives who live in the same building. Tom’s antics put a smile on his mom’s face, and she needed some cheering up, as she felt a bit downcast due to the health issue that forced her to pay a visit to her doctor.

She shared the photo of her son with all the food he ordered on Instagram, where it attracted many comments and made Tom famous!

Instagram users found Tom’s stunt funny

“The boy has got the moves from an early age,” wrote one user. “He’s tired of homemade meals,” wrote the other. “All I did as a child is to turn PUK code ON my mother’s fone,” remarked one Instagramer.

Whatever prompted Tom to order $100 worth of McDonald’s, his little stunt lifted up his mom’s spirits and amused people on social media.

So watch out the next time you leave your phone unattended around a child. There’s no telling what kind of trouble they can get into!