Mom tapes $50 to UNO card on floor to see how long before her kids pick it up


We’ve all had someone in our lives that seems to not share the same “cleaning standards” as we do. Whether it’s a spouse or kids, frustration can run rampant when we feel like someone isn’t pulling their weight in cleaning up around the house. Moms especially get this struggle, as one woman on the internet is about to show!

One sneaky mom decided to pull the ultimate prank on her kids to see how long they would go without cleaning up.Nadine King is a mom to her boys, Theoron (16) and Cam (14). The family is from Massachusetts, and Nadine decided to do something at the beginning of the new year that people all over the world are relating to.

As it turns out, some lessons need to be learned the hard way… and others need to be learned with some rewards!

Nadine was walking down the hallway one day when she noticed an UNO card sitting on the floor.

The card, belonging to one of her kids, was in between the boys’ door. As she bent down to pick the card up, however, Nadine saw an opportunity. Heading to her wallet, she decided she was going to take out some cash and make a challenge out of the opportunity.

Recording herself on her phone, she explained what she was doing.

“The date is January 12, 2022. This is $50 bucks, and this is an UNO card that’s been camped outside my boys room for I don’t know how long. I’m going to put $50 bucks under it. The objective of this experiment is to see how long something can sit on the floor of my house until someone picks it up,” – she says in the video shared by Caters Clips.

With the experiment beginning, Nadine just sat back to wait… and wait and wait. Soon, she didn’t think that it was ever going to be picked up! In her video, she gave a few updates as to the status of the card. After over a week the card remained unmoved and the money was still attached.

Even after a blizzard kept the kids locked inside for a whole day, the card remained untouched.

You would think that someone would have found the money under the card by this point! Funny enough, the end of the experiment was about to come to a close and it would come with an even sadder realization for Nadine (and potentially future parents).

One day, Nadine decided to check on the card… and it was still there! Only, someone had taken the money and left the card sitting in the hallway.

Hilariously, one of her kids, Theoron, found the money under the card and took it. After removing the taped-on money, he placed the card back on the carpet and continued on his day without a word! Once Nadine found out, she couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the situation was.

Even with money on the table, her kids couldn’t clean up.

The final count was 19 days of sitting on the ground. An observant viewer might even claim that the experiment went longer because the card was never actually put away! Although the experiment can be considered by some to be a “failure”, Nadine thought otherwise.

“I believe the experiment went well, it proved my point and taught them a lesson.”

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