Mom Meets Brother After 30 Yrs Then Finds Out About Twin Sisters She Never Knew Them


Finding out you have a long-lost sibling is truly a spectacular piece of news. But finding out you have a long-lost sibling AND long-lost twin sisters? It doesn’t get much crazier than that! For one family, that was only the beginning of a series of events that was 30 years in the making. This is their story…

Christina Housel discovered that she had a brother across the country and it turned into quite the reunion!Christina was adopted at birth. When she got older, she began her own family and started researching things. Incredibly, she discovered that she wasn’t an only child – she had a brother who was adopted when he was young.

Once she reached out, the two knew that they were related on looks alone.

Lyle James, Christina’s newfound brother, had some information that was about to make the reunion a bit crazier!

After Christina and Lyle talked, Lyle told her that he had actually known their mom. Before she passed away, she had told him that he had a sister, the one that he was talking to now.

What she also told him, however, was that she had also given birth to a set of twin girls, who had no idea they had siblings.

Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo are sisters with a story of their own.

Lauren and Ashley are the twins Lyle was told about, who were adopted as well. They had grown up and started lives and families of their own, totally unaware that they had two other siblings! Once Christina learned of the two sisters, she and Lyle posted a photo that ended up going viral. The photo was essentially a sign, asking if anyone knew where their long-lost siblings were.

Soon, the photo paid off and Lauren and Ashley were found.

Now, decades later, they were all able to gather and share experiences that they never knew they shared. Getting on flights, they all met and had a family reunion that was quite literally 30 years in the making. After a round of hugs, they started sharing stories and photos with one another.

All four kids shared a lot of similarities.

After laughing about all four of them “sharing a nose”, they learned something else – Christina and Lyle both served in the military, one in the Navy and the other the Army. Even more, Ashley’s husband was in the military! Who said occupations don’t run in your genes?

After sharing stories, they finished the day at a local restaurant.

Taking photos and enjoying a meal together, the four siblings had a lot to catch up on. After 30 years, you probably have a lot to talk about! It’s incredible stories like this that show just how amazing the bond is between siblings. Decades, geography, and life didn’t stop these siblings from meeting and becoming fast friends.

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