Mom thinks they’re posing for family photo but then she’s delivered best news ever


Pregnancy announcements keep getting more and more creative over time. From simply handing spouses and grandparents cards or leaving little hints of a child on the way (mittens and booties) to good news relayed through catchy lyrics or icing on the cake, today’s parents are experts at bringing good news to their loved ones!

The best part is that the fun doesn’t stop there. Once everyone’s in on the good news, the planning begins: baby showers, gender reveals, babymoons, name it.It’s clear that making the announcement and organizing fun parties isn’t the best part.

The genuine reactions of the parents’ families and closest friends make all these all the more exciting. Those facial reactions, squeals, and heartwarming words assure the parents that they’ve got a support village to help them navigate parenthood in the years to come.


And speaking of priceless reactions and family love, this grandma-to-be was so overcome with joy at the news of her daughter becoming a mom that she just burst into tears and could barely speak.

Everyone in on the plan began by pretending it was time to take photos. The person behind the camera instructed the grandparents-to-be to stand up and pose beside the couple. Clueless about what was about to take place, they stood up and looked straight at the camera, ready for the photos. Then, the person filming the whole scenario instructed them,


“Everybody, look at me and say, ‘Kelly’s having a baby!’”The mom immediately exclaimed, “No!” She was speechless as she slowly sank to the ground, sobbing tears of joy.

But she didn’t know that wasn’t the only good news she would receive at that moment.First, they tried to calm her down by telling her it was time to take another photo since the cat was finally out of the bag. The minute she composed herself, the person filming excitedly gave another instruction.

“Everybody, say, ‘Two babies! Kelly’s having twins!’”


It was a priceless moment; you could tell the room was filled with so much love and joy. It was enough for the happy grandmother to learn that her daughter was expecting, but it was on another level when she was told there would be two babies!The comments under the video were equally delightful, too.

“If I’m lucky enough to be a grandma, I know I’ll be just as crap when I’m told. Happy tears, happy collapse, happy husband looking down at me with his hands stuffed in his pockets, waiting for me to pull myself together.“

Kelly and her family are definitely in good hands. She’ll enjoy the pregnancy journey, welcome her little one to the world, and raise a child with love and strong support from her parents.

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