Moose family sees sprinkler and heartwarming moment ensues


The summer heat can be unforgiving. Even though playing under the sun is quite appealing, there is also the danger of having a sunburn or suffering from heat stroke.As humans, we all are sensitive when it comes to blistering heat. And if our bare skin can’t even handle the hot feeling of summer, what more would a moose feel like with its very thick fur and heavy frame?

Moose have very thick fur and they are more sensitive to heat than other animals.Can you imagine having such a thick hide and enduring the blistering heat of the sun? That would be unbearable!This must be the reason why a family of moose simply could not ignore the comfort and fresh feeling brought by a sprinkler on a family’s lawn in Alaska.

Candice Helm, who lives in Eagle River, Alaska, noticed one sunny day that a group of moose was approaching her lawn. It was a hot day and it was obvious that the family was distressed because of the weather.


“They just strolled around the house and looked really bothered by the weather conditions,” she shared with the local news station KTUU-TV. “So we turned on the sprinklers, and they were happy.”

Mama moose went near the sprinkler and stood close to where the water is coming out.
With her are two young moose who simply cannot contain their happiness after seeing the sprinkler and feeling the water in their bodies. The two young moose were frolicking and having so much fun!

Mama moose kept on silently watching her twin calves as they ran around and had fun with the sprinkler. She is having a good time all on her own, enjoying the fresh water splashing onto her and her little ones.

The other families in the neighborhood found the family of moose but kept their distance.

Although the family is quite captivating as they were having so much fun on the Helm family’s lawn, they are aware that female moose are quite protective of their young. This means that coming near the family would mean endangering themselves and the moose as well.

But, of course, this did not stop the people in the neighborhood from watching from afar and taking photos of the cute moment.

Candice was quite glad that she decided to turn on the sprinklers on her lawn.
As a reward for her kind deeds, she and her neighborhood were given a special moment and they all enjoyed watching the animals have so much fun together. It was a precious sight and she is so happy to have made the right choice.

The blistering heat of the sun can be unforgivable and for the moose family, having a chance to be sprayed with fresh water is such a delight. They totally loved it and the little ones are certainly excited about it.

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