Mother Raccoon Brings Her Young To Visit Her Favorite Human


Roxie recently gave birth to four new children, and she is overjoyed. The raccoon who had just been rescued couldn’t wait to show them off to her favorite person. So she did exactly that.In April 2021, Brittany Seidel purchased a new home, and the visits started on a regular basis.

The former owners were renowned for their protection of the local fauna.I didn’t really trust them until about a week after moving in, Seidel told The Dodo, “They told me sometimes the raccoon would come to the door.” I could almost hear her hammering on the back door while I was preparing dinner.

Seidel didn’t usually feed the local wildlife, but because the raccoons had become accustomed to it, it was her duty to carry on the custom.

Early in May, I noticed Roxie appeared to have been feeding, Seidel recalled. She arrived on the back porch with the four infants one morning at her usual hour.

According to Seidel, Roxie gave birth to a child last year who continues to pay visits. Due to the raccoon’s frequent excursions, she had a sense that there were more infants on the way.

She “starts arriving many times a day for food rather than at night,” Seidel added.
Here you may see Roxie bringing her young to Seidel:

At this point, Roxie, who resides in the woods behind her home, appears to consider Seidel to be family.

Seidel added, “I just bought her a mini pool so she can swim and play in. She is truly a lot of fun.” Even Seidel has learned about her own path from being a part of Roxie’s life.

She remarked, “It’s really shown me how much I want to work with animals. I’m now working on earning my license so I can start a nonprofit animal rescue.”.

Seidel’s life and those people who eagerly anticipate viewing Roxie and her kids online have both been significantly impacted by watching Roxie and her family. Seidel added, “Not only has she made such a good impact on my life, but she sure has brought the internet a lot of smiles. I eagerly anticipate seeing her every day.”

She has truly assimilated into the family.