New Mom gets criticized for piercing 1-day-old newborn’s ears


A new mom in Australia decided to have her newborn daughter’s ears pierced just after a day she was born.The internet wasn’t happy about it and she soon received a lot of negative reactions.Other parents chimed in saying she should have waited until her daughter was old enough to make the decision.

The mom is on TikTok as Lara, her child’s name, and it was on the platform that she shared an adorable clip of her baby girl a few hours after her birth and then now at three months old.Like a before and after shot.The little baby girl had a tiny flower earring that viewers could see just 24 hours from coming into this world.

And as expected, online users had their own opinions on the matter.
You have to feel for the happy but exhausted mother.


“Maybe it’s just me but on the day my children were born getting their ears pierced was very far down my list of concerns,” one woman said.

Some argued that it was fine as some cultures actually did pierce young girls’ ears at a very early age.

It’s different when one has traveled the world or done some good research.

With that said, others still wanted to be heard.
“Wow, this is another level for me… I just can’t understand. And it hurts the same as when they are older! Don’t fool yourself,” says another online viewer.

A third user added, “Why shouldn’t they get a choice if they want their ears pierced or not? I am going to let my babies decide when they understand these things.”

The mother actually had a response as it seemed like she did her research before deciding on her child’s piercings.

“When they are 2-3 days old, they don’t feel pain like a year or two!” the new mom wrote.

“The holes are given to them by neonatologists (doctors specialising in the care of newborns) in the hospital at birth.” she added.

Others supported her decision.
Some even shared that it was the norm in certain countries. The mom went on to say that those earlobes are so soft and that babies won’t even feel a single thing. Not even a reaction.

The practice is actually common in Nigeria, India, Brazil and Hispanic countries.
Concerns are understandable but it was done in a hospital meaning everything was sterilized and the procedure was done carefully. There is always a risk of infection but the mom surely knew what she was doing.

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It’s not easy sharing any information online. Remember that you’re dealing with thousands of people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. So take their comments lightly.

She’s one happy mom with a very lovely daughter and that’s what counts.

This little girl will probably want to style herself someday anyway.

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