Parents Have Time Keeping Quiet As 5-Year-Old Girl Entertains With Hilarious Dance Moves


Lily is a little girl who dances to the beat of her own drum. This much is evident in the adorable way that she chooses to dance.The Ohio girl made an unforgettable impression with her slick moves at her preschool graduation ceremony, and people just can’t quite get over it.A preschool graduation to remember.

As the video shows, children can truly bring brightness into any situation just by being themselves.After all, there is no better time for being silly than in childhood. Our little ones are either shy and steer away from any unwanted attention, or they’re adorable extroverts who always manage to steal the show.

Guess which category Lily falls in?
She clearly had no problems dancing on her own instead of following the crowd.

Cut from a different cloth.

Her friends are simply swaying to the rhythm of the song and singing along, but no—Lily had other plans.

She stands on the side in her blue dress, with an adorable up-do and a bow. Early into the video, girl decides that she’s going to give the dance moves her all—and the audience loves her for it.

It’s all about having fun.

The best thing about little Lily’s performance is just how obvious it is that she’s enjoying herself so much.

A star by nature.
According to Mrs. Blair, Lily’s grandmother, Lily loves singing and dancing.

She’s been into all sorts of arts and crafts since she could speak, and walk around.

Lily likes to keep things fresh.

Lily and her friends are performing a children’s song “Tooty Ta” at the Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, but the adorable girl doesn’t follow the routine exactly as planned.

Grandma was filming the whole thing, and she could barely hold the camera still because she’s laughing so much.

She had all the attention.

In fact, everyone was entertained by Lily’s silly dance. We’re guessing that the parents didn’t expect this when they rehearsed with their kids.

Lily is making funny faces, dancing to her rhythm, and ignoring what the rest of the crowd is doing.

A reminder to be yourself.

Even if it’s a silly video, it’s still a real inspiration to everyone to be themselves. It did us a lot of good watching Lily doing her thing and having fun with it.

Sometimes, we all need to be reminded that life is so much fun when you make things easier on yourself.

Maybe Lily was bored with choreography planned for kids. Either way, we loved it.

She deserves all the claps.

She’s just straight up too funny.

At some point, you can hear people in the background wheezing and snorting from laughing so hard—that’s how funny she was.

After her grandma put the video up on Facebook, it got more than 12 million views in two days. Her bold boogieing made Lily a viral sensation overnight.

Not only did she dance to the beat of her own drum, but she also brought smiles to the faces of people all around the world.

Still doing her thing.
A year later, Lily is still an adorable little girl whose funny antics melt everyone’s heart.

We’re also thankful to Grandma Martina who posted the video and let us enjoy Lily’s comedy. It must be a blessing having her around the house all day long.

We bet that she keeps surprising her family with some hidden talents. Take care little one, and never lose that swag!

Lily has definitely earned all the shout-outs for her hilarious dose of originality.

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