People Are Making Mini-Greenhouses With Clear Plastic Umbrellas From The Dollar Store


We are not yet even halfway through springtime and that means we still have a lot of time left to work on our backyard. I mean, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having a green and colorful front lawn, right?After all, it’s the first thing people within the neighborhood see on your property, so might as well give them a show.

If you’re gonna give people a show, you need some plants.One of the many things people want to have on their property is a greenhouse. Who wouldn’t?It’s ideal for those who want to grow later than their season allows.For those who don’t have space or can’t afford a nifty greenhouse, though, this garden hack is a real treat.

Make a DIY greenhouse for as little as a dollar.

All you need to do is to head over to a dollar store near your area. You can also find these nifty items in many other places, but a dollar will likely be the best price you’ll find. Except for maybe your closet.

We’re talking about clear umbrellas.
They are, essentially half of a greenhouse all on their own. All they’re missing is the dirt and some plants.

No need for power tools, gardening, or building materials, just clear umbrellas and you’re all set. If you don’t believe it, then we bet you haven’t seen this trend online.

This homemade greenhouse idea is even useful during winter.

The low temperature was not the kindest season for a lot of our plants, luckily, these clear umbrellas were there to save the day. They’re effective in giving plants and flowers protection against the freezing cold outdoors.

This idea is not just effective but also versatile, it can be used in different seasons.

The best part aside from the price is the easy set-up.
Just open the umbrellas and stick them downwards your pots, bins, or any container you’re using for your plants. It’s also up to you if you like to remove the handles or not, the clear umbrellas will still stand upright either way.

When talking about great home hacks, this has to be one of the easiest ways of them all.
And worry not about the airflow inside because there will still be plenty of space inside. There’s no chance of you suffocating your beloved plants.

This idea was obviously a well-thought-out one, something that’s going to work in any situation.

In my personal opinion, it’s definitely a yes! No doubt about it. This innovative solution of protecting plants is not only cheap but also efficient from all angles.

If you really love growing plants or flowers but are budget-conscious at the same time, then you might consider this a blessing from heaven.

Seriously, who would’ve thought that clear umbrellas are the keys to having a DIY version of a greenhouse?

People are spreading the word on social media.

Posts of this DIY greenhouse idea are already all over social media platforms and spreading like wildfire.

With everything that’s going on, these DIYs and life hacks are truly a lifesaver. They don’t just give people bright ideas, they also divert people’s minds to something beautiful and productive.

Brilliant, low cost, and efficient.

Those three words best describe this DIY greenhouse.
This idea will definitely make a lot of backyards more beautiful and more plants protected – one umbrella at a time.

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