Police Officer Steals The Show Dancing With Students


Goodbyes are never easy, but they don’t necessarily have to be sad events.Need proof? Just ask Officer Ryan Tillman.Tillman was the proud school resource officer at Don Lugo High School in California.Although he loved the students and his position – a new opportunity arose that was “a huge blessing.”

Tillman received a promotion to become a Chino Police Corporal.The officer knew he had to tell the kids he was leaving.Yet, instead of it being a tear-filled goodbye, he wanted to do something extra special.Officer Ryan Tillman decided to dance.

With the help of the school’s principal and the dance team – he managed to put together a secret performance to present in the gymnasium. Tillman told NBC LA:

“I wanted to go out with a bang so I was like what better way to go out then with doing a dance.”

The big performance took place during an assembly at Don Lugo High School.
In the video, Officer Tillman and a group of dance students are standing in the middle of the gym.

Once Lil Mama’s song “Lip Gloss” fills the room, they spring into action.

But does he have any skills?
An adult dancing in front of a sea of teenagers sounds like it could go terribly, terribly wrong.

Turns out though, Tillman has more talents than just being a police officer.
He’s a really good dancer too! Right away he has the kids going wild.

A fellow SRO found his way in the comments and had nothing but positivity for Tillman.

“Congrats on the well deserved promotion. I am also a SRO but I could NEVER get up there in front staff and students and dance. Hell no! But good on your for doing it. Most ppl don’t understand the balance of the relationships SRO’s have with young ppl at their schools. We can’t act like “traditional” cops all the time and have to build rapport anyway we can because we wear so many different hats. If dancing with students build bridges then so be it. Stay safe out there.”

A short time in, there’s a shift in music.
When the song switches to “U Can’t Touch This,” the officer proves he can dance like its 1990.

He shuffles around like MC Hammer, earning himself extra cool points with the students.

Oh, but he’s not done yet…

Tillman’s in the spotlight during the performance, which is made up of a mixture of songs and moves.
Amazingly, he does really well keeping up with the other dancers in each portion of the routine.

You gotta give him credit too – because he does it while wearing his police gear!
A viewer left the following positive comment:

“This is awesome this is what we all need to see more of ”

Going from all the cheers, it seems like Tillman knocks everyone’s socks off with his moves.
The officer’s goal for doing the dance was to show his appreciation for everyone at the school.

He also wanted to “shine a positive light” on police officers, reported NBC LA.

Ryan Tillman is very passionate about what he does.
In addition to being in the law enforcement field (and being a great dancer), Tillman founded the organization Breaking Barriers United. The website explains:

“Our mission is to repair the bond between law enforcement and the community by promoting transparency and building relationships.”

Lucky for us, Tillman shared the awesome goodbye dance on YouTube. It’s a video that currently has more than 5.3 million views!

He was a school resource officer the students will never forget.
Tillman formed a wonderful bond with the kids at Don Lugo High, which can be seen in the video.

One viewer commented:

“Every city needs a cop like you! Good job!”

Although saying goodbye surely wasn’t easy, you gotta admit, it was a pretty cool way to do it.

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