Popular Sister Sobs When Twin Brother Named Homecoming King Followed By Her Name


One of the most exciting events during high school is the homecoming game and homecoming dance. Which, of course, generally entails voting a Homecoming Queen and a Homecoming King.At one high school in North Dakota, something occurred that was both surprising and heartwarming.

Two of the students who attended there are twins Riley and his sister, Ellie. Although Ellie is a popular student, it’s Riley that most people recognize and remember.Living with Autism.Riley has Autism. But that doesn’t stop him from being everyone’s friend. He has a huge smile and at school, he’s one of the biggest supporters of the various sports teams.

Overall, he has an infectious personality.

A close bond
During a recent interview, Ellie explained that she and her brother have always been close. And because of his limitations, she’s somewhat of a “mama bear.” But with Riley’s outgoing personality, he doesn’t need much help.

Always happy
From the time he was a baby to today, Riley has remained happy. His encouragement and support of others at school have earned him a tremendous amount of respect. That’s one reason a special accomplishment meant so much.

A beautiful gift
While Riley might struggle in certain areas, he excels in others. Ellie goes on to say that her twin brother has taught people about acceptance. She also said that Riley has taught others to see beyond differences.

A night no one will forget
At a school football game in front of the entire team, as well as family and friends, Riley was crowned Homecoming King. As a young gal placed the crown on his head, he raised his hands not sure what to say. He was so overjoyed.

Incredibly proud
After hearing her brother’s name called, and watching him become the Homecoming King, Ellie felt immensely proud. After all, her brother had overcome so much, and to receive such an honor was amazing. She couldn’t help but cry happy tears.

Why Riley?
When asked that question by an interviewer, Ellie stated that people thought it would awesome to see him happy. That’s when Riley interrupted her to say that it felt awesome. He also shared that some of his classmates said it felt good.

But it gets better
To Ellie’s surprise, following her brother’s crowning, an announcer told the crowd that she was the new Homecoming Queen. What a powerful moment. Yes, everyone was cheering. But if you look at Riley in the background in an uploaded video that’s now been viewed thousands of times, you can tell he’s her biggest fan.

The best day

With crowns on their heads, the twins stood side by side for a picture. They’re both smiling from ear to ear. This is a moment that neither of them will ever forget.

Endless love
After telling their story to a local news station, Riley, in a bold voice, says, “She’s my sister.” He then plants a loving kiss on her cheek. What wonderful siblings who can teach others a lot of important lessons.

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