Pregnant server tells customer her baby’s name unaware it would change the course of her life


Hannah Hill was pregnant with her second child while working her shift at the Stockbridge Waffle House. Finances had been a struggle for her lately, but her positivity never wavered.But Hill had no idea her life was going to change forever in just a moment thanks to a chance meeting at the Waffle House where she works.

Last week, a Henry County pastor, Eusebio Phelps, found himself at the local Waffle House with his family. When he met the pregnant waitress, he immediately knew the young woman had not crossed paths with him by chance. He was sure their encounter was part of a bigger plan.

“She was just so kind and she was so pleasant. She was a sweetheart and that just touched my heart,” Phelps told FOX5 Atlanta.

The Bishop had the opportunity to chat with the expectant mother and soon found out she had a hard time making ends meet, so something inside him told him he had to help her somehow.

After discussing the case with his wife, he decided he could help the woman by giving her all the money he had in his wallet. And so he did.

But that was not all. Somehow, Phelps felt Hill’s and his life were interconnected, but he still had no idea in what way.

That was until he asked what she planned to call her future son. When she answered his name would be Samuel, he immediately knew.

Bishop Phelps had a son whose name was Samuel and who had passed away seven years ago. In fact, it was around this time of year when he lost his older son.
At this point, it was clear why God had sent him over to meet this young woman- he was about to change life forever for her and her son.

After giving it some thought, he decided to raise money for Hill and her family. So, he went on Facebook and let his followers know about his plan. His initial goal was $1,000, the local community and New Faith Christian Church raised $12,000 for the expectant mother.

Then, all that was left was for Hannah to know about the surprise that would change her life in so many ways.
“I was asleep in the car and my mother-in-law called and said ‘You’ve got to get down to the Waffle House now,’” she told FOX5 Atlanta.

When she got there, she realized what the stranger she served the other day had done for her. She was overwhelmed by emotions and she was really thankful to the man and everyone who had donated in order to help her.

“Lately I have been praying just because I’ve been really stressing lately. I’m like, dang I want a place to live before this baby gets here,” Hill said.

But Bishop’s help didn’t stop there. Hill was also told that she was offered free daycare services for both her children at the Church daycare New Faith Early Learning Center.

What an incredibly touching story. It is at times like this when you realize there are still people out there who care about their fellow humans and want to make their lives better.

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