Rescue elephant busts sprinkler and has the time of her life


Elephants are some of the most intelligent creatures on the face of the earth. Even more, they are some of the largest animals around! You would think that being among the largest, most intelligent animals in the world, you would be a real menace to the world around you.

Incredibly, despite their size and brains, elephants are truly some of the funniest and most playful friends in the world; this video proves it!In a video released on elephantnews, a YouTube channel, we get to see the remarkable ability that elephants have to bounce back from trauma and live a life of joy.

The video is titled, “Elephant break the sprinkler and play” and is exactly the heartwarming thing you needed this week. Even more, the story behind it is remarkable. It all starts with Faa Sai, one of the park elephants that had one of the roughest starts that any creature could possibly have.

Faa Sai was first found when she was four years old, traumatized and blind.

The little animal was so depressed and stressed from her living conditions that she began to starve herself. Chained, placed in shackles, and going blind, little Faa Sai was wasting away. As time went on, she began to lash out at her keepers due to their treatment and stress. Finally, Elephant Nature Park got involved and likely saved her life.

Taking her from the circus ring, the workers at ENP were shocked at the little elephant’s trauma.

Still, even the deep trauma Faa experienced was no match for the love of her new keepers and other elephants in the Preserve. Soon, she was surrounded by love and care, never to be beaten again. The angry elephant was gone and a new, playful personality began to shine through.

Years later, we get to see Faa Sai playing around in some water, a far cry from the state she used to live in.

The now-viral video starts with Faa running towards a water stream and trumpeting, clearly in a playful mood. The cause of the water stream? Faa Sai had broken one of the sprinklers, hoping to play! Even though she had broken something, the scene was too cute to upset anyone.

Letting the water hit her all over, Faa played and trumpeted, finally living the life she was supposed to.

The caption on the YouTube video says:

“Faa Sai one of the members broke the sprinkler again and is enjoying her free life at Elephant Nature Park. Even she is the big girl but some moment she looks like a baby elephant play… watch how cute she is.” – elephantnews

Despite her size, Faa Sai was still a little kid on the inside. It’s truly wonderful seeing what love and care can do to a bruised and battered soul! Elephants supposedly have the best memories, but they must also have the biggest hearts.

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