Rescue pony has the sweetest reaction to being reunited with teddy bear after 3 years apart


When the hardships of the world illuminate what’s truly essential for us, it often has little to do with the level of toil we commit to our daily checklist.What’s essential to us is our connection with family, friends, neighbors, and the people we meet. These are the connections that make life worth living.

These relationships show up in many different ways for different people.For an abandoned horse named Breeze, the connection that brought him joy was with a big teddy bear named Buttons.Breeze, unfortunately, wasn’t brought into a world that immediately loved and care for him.

The pony was abandoned by his mother and found wandering alone in Dartmoor National Park.

Searching for connection and a mother’s touch, Breeze tried to suckle on some horses he came across.

Unfortunately, they had no milk to give and Breeze collapsed from hunger and exhaustion, according to Metro.

Thankfully a farmer found him and brought him to the UK-based rescue Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon.

Breeze received his much-needed medical attention at their facilities.
The organization’s friends heard Breeze’s story on social media. Many of them donated toys that would help comfort Breeze who was missing his mother.

Breeze was given a giant teddy bear named Buttons and fell in love

To see this sweet baby find long-sought after comfort and safety in the arms of a friend is truly a sweet sight.
A photo of Breeze and Buttons was posted online where it went viral and warmed the hearts of hundreds of thousands who saw it.

Eventually, Breeze grew up and joined a large herd. Like so many children have when they grow up, Breeze left his teddy behind.

Even though Breeze is grown up now, he still hasn’t forgotten what matters most.
And that’s relationships. That’s why Breeze immediately got right back to cuddling with Buttons when they were reunited after three years.

Buttons might not be as big and squishy as he used to be when Breeze was little, but that just means that he was well-loved.

Seeing Breeze reunite with the one who made him feel loved and safe when he was just a baby is truly a sweet sight to see.

Breeze will never be too old to spond time with his buddy Buttons or the ones he loves and makes him feel loved in return.

Breeze’s reunion with Buttons went viral and was shared all over the internet.
“That is so cute. I am not surprised that he remembers the teddy bear that was his comfort when his mom rejected him. He was with the teddy bear 24/7 and that leaves an impression in his heart and his thoughts,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

The folks at Mare and Foal Sanctuary knew exactly what this orphaned foal needed in order to feel safe and cozy in the absence of his mom.

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