Retired Woman Lives In Tiny Teardrop Trailer


Sharon is one cool senior. She is a retired pharmacist, and instead of spending her days cooped up in her home like most men and women her age, she decided to be a nomad. Sharon went ahead and bought a TAB teardrop trailer which she tows with her awesome looking Jeep Wrangler allowing her to drive and travel, seeing beautiful places all over the country while enjoying her new life.

Here she is giving Bob Wells of CheapRVliving a guided tour of her purchase while giving insights about her lifestyle.Sharon’s TAB S max weighs 1670 dry and at 15 feet long is actually quite light. She says she bought the trailer since she already drives a 4 door Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle known for its rugged appeal that can pull up to 3500 pounds. Hot stuff.

She’s been living this way for a year and a half and says, “I absolutely love it.” To think she had 4 other larger RVs. Sharon prefers the little guy. It took a few weeks of adjusting but since she’s not that tall, she was able to adapt to her little trailer easily.

The trailer comes with a wet bath and toilet, which she can use standing.
What about power? 135 watts of solar is what Sharon has. It’s a portable unit in that it folds up in to a case making it easier to stow away. She likes cooking outside even though her trailer has a 2 burner stove. It keeps the odors down, plus with the small space, a little fresh air while cooking helps clear the mind.

Sharon’s trailer comes with a massive visor which she ordered. The little TAB has a lot of windows, good for lighting and fresh air, but takes in a lot of sunlight. Comes with the territory.

For colder nights, the trailer comes with a radiator that produces decent heat through the vents, keeping its occupant nice and warm. Sharon also has a propane heater as an option which heats up in 2-3 minutes. Sharon shows Bob the inside and the first thing that surprises Bob is the small but complete kitchen.

It even comes with a fridge!

Now going back to that shower and toilet, Bob asks Sharon if she could step inside just to show viewers how she fits. Sharon goes ahead and steps in, her frame just right that she can shower standing up.

There’s an entertainment system wedged in between the shower door and kitchen cupboards which can play CDs and DVDs too.

Flat screen TV? You bet! Sharon never gets bored.

There’s a fan overhead, and for her sleeping arrangements? The couch folds down in to a bed which she just left as is to avoid the inconvenience of having to make and clean up all the time. There’s still room for a small table for her to eat on or even use her computer as well.

Now for those warmer areas, her trailer has air conditioning. It really is small but cozy. It also has a screen door for keeping those nasty bugs and mosquitoes out. This little trailer is well designed!

The windows have a screen that you can pull up, and a privacy shade that just pulls down.

Bob being the man that he is, goes back to the Jeep, asking about its engine and pulling power plus the gas mileage. Sharon admits that Jeeps aren’t really known to be fuel efficient vehicles but hers gets about 13-17 MPG when towing, and around 19-21 MPG by itself.

Not bad for a heavy 6 cylinder SUV.

Sharon loves the fact that her Jeep can handle all that weight without the need for extended sway bars and mirrors as her trailer sits perfectly behind her Jeep, which she can see while driving. Good for her!

She goes on to share that though she’s retired, she doesn’t really have a lot of savings. Sharon lives on her social security and what little earnings she has.

She is as she says, “A true gypsy at heart.”

She’s lived in so many different places, most of the time not even knowing who her neighbors were or who was across the street. And yet out on the road, she’s met lots of people whom she’s had dinners with and have kept in touch with over time.

Sharon does envy those with the bigger vans where they can just “jump in and go”, but since she’s on the road with her 2 chihuahuas and the fact that she loves setting up camp, this set up works better for her.

Bob once again lets the man in him out saying that even though he has a van, he envies Sharon’s Jeep. The comfort and overall ability of the Wrangler makes it more versatile than a van. Plus it’s handsome.

He bids farewell to Sharon, thanking her for her time all the while keeping his camera on her. See that smile on Sharon’s face? Genuine happiness.

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