Riddle on local café sign has people scratching their heads


Typically a restaurant might place a sign on the sidewalk so they can list their daily specials. However, some eateries are getting even more clever when it comes to catching pedestrians’ attention.A mom named Lacey Read-Cue was stumped after reading the message on one cafe’s sign – and it’s not because the menu was confusing.

They’d written a riddle out that required people walking by to put on their thinking caps.In addition to Lacey scratching her head, the word puzzle stumped the internet too! Let’s see if you’re able to figure it out.It’s tricky at first.The chalkboard sign contains the following message:“What has 4 letters, sometimes 9 letters, but never has 5 letters.”

If you’re saying “Huh?” right now, I don’t blame you.

Lacey decided to post the riddle on social media where it quickly went viral.
She wrote:

“This really screwed w my head 😂😭”

While some people are whizzes when it comes to puzzles and word games – others need more time (and a little help). One Facebook user commented, “Hey bro WHATS THE ANSWER?!?!?!” Others voiced their frustration too.

Okay, let’s solve it together.
Like most riddles, this is one where once you learn the answer it becomes clear as day. It’s like, “Ohhhhh… I can’t believe I didn’t see that!”

When you read it, perhaps you’re thinking of it as a question. After all, it begins with the word “what” and seems like it’s asking for an answer.

However, it ends with a period – meaning it’s not actually a question!
Try reading it as a statement instead to see the difference. Do you get it? If it’s not clicking on like a lightbulb, no worries! Simply take it one section at a time.

“What has 4 letters.” If you think about it, it sure does! W-H-A-T.

Now try the next part.
“Sometimes has 9 letters.” If you count them out, the word “sometimes” is made up of nine letters, S-O-M-E-T-I-M-E-S.

There’s just one more to go – and you can probably see it already.
“But never has 5 letters.” N-E-V-E-R. Yep, there are five of them.

It’s one of those riddles where you feel like slapping your forehead once it all makes sense. People left comments on Lacey’s post like:

“Well I get it now and I can’t believe I was so confused for so long 🙄 I can’t live my life in peace now.”

Someone else wrote:

“Once I got it, i was really mad at myself I made it harder than what it was lol”

It’s not the only sign the restaurant’s put out that’s made heads turn.
The establishment is called Inversnecky Cafe, and it’s located in beautiful Aberdeen, UK. In addition to serving up yummy food and drinks – they also keep customers and passersby entertained with their daily messages.

The employees commonly write funny puns.
Or as BuzzFeed calls their messages in an article, “Dad jokes!”

They give everyone a good chuckle with their humor.
One time their chalkboard said:

“Bread is like the sun. It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.”

But if you can’t make it to Aberdeen to see their clever sign in person – their Facebook page is filled with photos of it to help brighten your day.

Let us know if this riddle stumped you or perhaps you have one of your own!
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