Ring Bearer Melts Hearts When He Comes To The Rescue Of Tiny Flower Girl


Weddings are always a beautiful experience. You get to witness the union of people you love who truly love one another. Another reason why weddings are great is because there are often adorable ring bearers and flower girls there to steal the show before it begins.In addition to being pint-sized good luck charms, these little kids are often huge sources of cuteness.

This was especially true at one wedding where the ring bearer really had to step up and help out a confused flower girl.First the ring bearer walks in, and he’s cool as a cucumber.It is sometimes expected that little kids at weddings won’t really know or understand what’s going on. A lot of kids are too young to volunteer themselves to be part of this procession, but they are often encouraged by mom and dad.

That’s why it’s surprising and delightful that this ring bearer, named XL, is so different. This little guy struts down the aisle so confident and proud of himself. In the video, it seems like he is taking strong breaths and almost smiling. There is no doubt that he is happy to be the center of attention here.

The flower girl, on the other hand, is having a completely different experience.
While the ring bearer is confidently walking at the slow calm pace that the music sets, even striking a pose halfway down the aisle, the flower girl is feeling another kind of way.

When the camera pans over to the flower girl, just taking her first steps down the aisle, the vibe is entirely shifted. Nervously holding her hand to her face, she walks hesitantly, like she’s trying to decide if it’s not too late to back out of the whole gig.

She is really young, so it makes sense that she doesn’t seem to know what the flower girl’s job is.

For a while, she stands at the start of the aisle, just taking in the whole scene. When she starts getting a little more confident, she begins to smile and look around at everyone. But still, no walking down the aisle. Some kind adults in the pews try to gesture to her to help her get the idea, and her dad is behind her trying to encourage her to take the important steps in the right direction.

The flower girl is in total awe of all the people staring at her, so the ring bearer turns around to help her make it down the aisle.

This is when things get even more adorable than they already were: the tiny ring bearer, who has already made it down the aisle once, comes back around to help her out. Like the good supportive friend he is, he gives her a little push and points her in the right direction.

Eventually, the flower girl starts making it in the right direction. She walks herself down most of the aisle, but she remains happily dumbfounded by the attention of the wedding guests. She keeps stopping and staring and smiling at everyone. So the trusty ring bearer joins her in the aisle to help her complete her walk.

Everyone’s reaction was the same: this is too adorable to handle.

One YouTube commenter said:

“After watching this video, my love for kids has increased by another 100%”

Someone else wrote:

“They are both adorable. What a little sweetheart he is. Little ones can add so much to your wedding”

No matter what you’re feeling or what’s going on, it’s nice to have a friend who is there to support you and help you through all sorts of times.

With the ring bearer helpfully pointing the way and sticking by her side, these two adorable kids eventually make it down the aisle. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much time the flower girl took to do her job, or how confused she was by the whole thing. The wedding guests were completely taken by the adorable way that the ring bearer treated her.

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