Senior is embarrassed about her yard until 6 boys save the day


It’s beautiful to walk around the neighborhood, maybe jogging or just walking your dog, and see neat yards while passing by the neighborhood homes.The people that own such homes with yards carefully taken care of are certainly proud of their property and want everyone to know it’s theirs.

On the contrary, people who own homes surrounded by neglected yards can often be embarrassed when people find out they are the owners of those homes.Although younger people may be bored of mowing the lawn in their front yard or they may even be allergic to pollen, the elderly are usually the ones who end up with yards that remain uncared for and they usually feel unable to turn things around.

You see, having professionals take care of your lawn is often much more expensive than it should, and on top of that, elderly people sometimes live on such low income that they cannot even afford it.

Sylvia Murray, a Tonawanda, NY, native, used to feel embarrassed by the way her front yard looked, as well.
Murray is disabled and because of that, she could not take good care of the yard herself. After having spent 22 years in that home, the elderly woman often felt uncomfortable when people passed by her home.

The woman, who at the time had a small pup, told WGRZ that the grass had come to a point to be so high that she even had trouble walking her dog.

At the same time, she even had trouble looking outside the windows because the tree limbs were so high they were covering them.

“There’s a lot of people that come by and walk their dogs, and they have to look at this,” Murray said of her feeling embarrased by how her front yard looked.

Luckily, a few kind young men offered to help the woman feel better.

Six guys from the local Boy Scouts organization, along with their Master Scout, arrived at her doorstep one day ready to do for her what she couldn’t do herself.

“I cried,” the elderly woman admitted. “I appreciate this so much. I can’t do anything anymore because I’m disabled and I’m embarrassed. I’m so happy.”

The disabled elderly woman was so grateful to the seven strangers who volunteered to take care of her yard by mowing the lawn, cleaning, trimming, and raking. They gave the property a complete makeover. They found an old unattended yard and they turned it into a beautiful one.

The elderly resident couldn’t be happier. And it all happened thanks to a Facebook post that a friend of Murray’s made, along with some help from the city hall.

“What they’ve done so far is like a miracle here,” Murray said.

What a heartwarming act of kindness, and what a blessing these boys were for this woman who just needed a helping hand.


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