Server Takes Seat With Lone 91-Yr-Old Veteran Not Knowing So Many Others Eavesdropping On Conversation


A server with a heart of gold.Restaurant serving can be a very hectic profession. Although most servers genuinely love meeting new people, most don’t have the time and would never be expected to truly connect with a customer. There are exceptions, however, and his name is Dylan Tetil.

A simple act of kindness.One day Dylan, 24, made his way over to an elderly man who was seated alone at a table and dropped to one knee so he could hear the old man give his order. Nearby sat Lisa Meilander and her family who couldn’t help but overhear Tetil’s conversation with the old man.

Our elderly are often isolated and lonely.
She heard the 91-year-old say that he was hard of hearing after his time in the war and had forgotten to bring his hearing aids. She also heard him tell Tetil that he was sorry for taking so long and that he didn’t really have anyone else to talk to.

He made sure he had time to lend an ear.
When the young server came back to bring the man his food, he asked if it would be ok if he sat and chatted for a little while. The old man happily agreed and the two shared some quality time together. The radiology student had just started working at the restaurant three months prior and hadn’t seen the man before that day. – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

People online were impressed by Tetil’s gesture of kindness.
One person wrote, “Bless this young man and his new friend. It is so important for the elderly to feel a connection with someone and to feel the comfort, even if it’s 10 min or an hour.” Another wrote, “This just made me cry !! What a wonderful young man and a special Veteran.. a bond was formed on this day.”

“He mainly just told me his war stories from World War II and his life. He kind of seemed like he felt underappreciated. No one around us minded it because they knew what was happening.” Tetil told Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The WWII vet goes viral.

Meilander took some photos of the encounter and posted them on Facebook. “The man apologized for not hearing too well. He had forgotten to put in his hearing aids. He talked about how he lost his hearing during his time in the war. He was 91 years old with many stories to tell. Dylan patiently listened giving him his full attention,” – Facebook.

“I’m alone now.”
“Eventually the man apologized for talking so much. ‘I’m alone now,’ he said, ‘and I don’t often have someone to talk to.’ Dylan smiled and said he enjoyed listening. He then helped him figure out what to order and left to take it to the kitchen. It was a touching sight,” – Meilander said on Facebook.

“I’m just happy he’s getting all this attention. I’m just the messenger,” Meilander told Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
Dylan made the people around him smile that day and made the veteran feel welcome. He took time out of his busy day to bring a little happiness to someone who needed it. Bravo Dylan.

“I could tell as soon as I went up to him that he was eager to talk…I brought him out his water, and he was like, ‘Please come back,’ and I said, ‘You know I will.’” – Tetil told Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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