Sisters give their parents’ home a beautiful makeover while they’re away


Moms and dads do so much for their children, from when they’re babies all the way through adulthood. In fact, parents never stop being amazing!While we might not be able to fully repay our moms and dads, it’s important to do kind things for them in return.It all started when a group of sisters decided to plan a special surprise for their parents at Christmastime.

Karen and Chip Schoonover live in Conway, South Carolina. Their four daughters are all grown up now, but they absolutely adore their parents.When Karen and Chip went away on a week-long vacation, the sister teamed up for the ultimate project.They decided to give their parents’ home a makeover.

Just after the couple departed the four girls snuck into the house and began to make changes.

The first step was packing up all their stuff. Over 30 years’ worth of clutter filled the house, and it needed to find a place.

Next, the girls gave the home a fresh coat of paint. After just these two steps, it was already looking so much better inside.

During the project, the sisters cleaned, scrubbed, and made the house look fresh.
They worked together the entire week. It was no easy task; the girls were busy for six full days. They hustled and bustled so that they could be done with the work before their parents returned home.

Overall, they cut no corners and left no stone unturned. Attagirls!

It was finally time for the big reveal.
The sisters were so excited to show off all their hard work to their parents, and they hoped they would like the multiple changes around the house. They waited patiently for their parents to walk in the door and give the verdict.

As you might have guessed, it was a huge success!
Karen and Chip noticed a difference the moment they arrived. When they saw the clean front yard, Karen admitted that she had wished someone would clean for her while she was away.

Her wish was more than granted. The two were in total shock when they walked through the door and saw their brand-new, sparkling home.

Everything had gotten an upgrade; it looked like an entirely different place.
In the video below, Karen and Chip are given a tour of their beautiful home so they can see all the changes. From the bedrooms to the kitchen – their daughters worked on it all. (Needless to say, the girls were a little exhausted).

These parents could not have been more grateful.
Their daughters had banded together and taken an entire week out of their lives just to give them this special surprise.

Talk about the best Christmas gift ever!

We might not all be able to transform our parents’ houses, but these girls are very inspiring. For as much as our moms and dads do for us, it’s nice to find ways to help them in return.

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