Sisters Split Up As Children Finally Reunite More Than 70 Years Later


In the 1930s, there was a family in North Hampshire, UK, that had two lovely girls named Kathleen and Violet.The girls just loved each other and, at the time, nobody could foresee the tragedy that they would soon go through.Violet and Kathleen’s happy family life was suddenly taken away from them, when their mother died.

That’s when the girls entered the foster system, and then everything changed from there.The sisters were taken in by two different foster families, but soon enough they met again thanks to a co-student.“I met her because of a girl at school – she said she thought Kathleen could be my sister because we looked alike,” Ms Violet Rossini, the younger of the two sisters, said.

Although the girls kept meeting each other in secret, somehow their foster families found out and forbade them from having any contact.

Soon, Violet was given to another foster family and, eventually, the sisters lost track of each other.
The last time they saw each other was when Violet and Kathleen were 8 and 12 years old respectively.

Many years passed by, and in the late 60s, when Violet was already 36 years old, she moved to Australia with her family. That’s when it seemed like she would never find her sister again.

However, the relocation made Violet want to look for her sister even more intensively.

She reached out to the Salvation Army, and to several TV shows in the UK, but it seemed that it was all in vain.
“I just gave up hope after a time, then something nudges you and you try again, and then get disappointed again,” Ms Rossini told Adelaide Now.

But seven decades after the two sisters had been separated, Violet tried her luck with the Salvation Army again.

About eight months later, she got an email from them telling her that they had tracked down her sister.
It seems that the second time, also thanks to her 27-year-old granddaughter, was the lucky one.

“I just could have shouted it from the rooftops – it’s just a feeling you can’t really explain,” Violet said.

Her sister, Kathleen, had been located in a nursing home in Lincolnshire, UK.

Without thinking twice, Violet and her granddaughter booked their tickets for the UK, where they arranged to spend two weeks in order to have the chance to spend as much time as possible with Kathleen.

Indeed, in August of that same year, Violet flew to the UK and reunited with her sister who she hadn’t seen in seven decades.
The reunion brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

As the women told each other, they never lost hope, they had been waiting for that reunion for years and, eventually, it came true.

The two sisters couldn’t stop talking about the strong bond that they shared, even though they had been apart for so many years.

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