Song begins at wedding but bride isn’t prepared for the singers to be her students


Teachers don’t know just how impactful their presence is in their students’ lives. They show up every day, armed with patience and determination, as they seek to help each learner grow and unlock their potential. For them, it’s a task they love doing every day, but for the students, it’s life-changing; it will always stay with them as they grow and move forward.

Everyone has at least one teacher they still remember. They can recall eye-opening instances, enumerate the lessons they learned, and vividly describe moments when they felt most accepted and encouraged. Even if school isn’t always a happy place for some students, a good teacher will always look out for them and inspire them to keep going.

A student who holds much love and gratitude in their heart for a teacher will always find ways to reach out and express their appreciation.

This was the gift Liz received on her wedding day. The unsuspecting bride, a dance and musical theatre teacher, was in front of the altar with her fiance. Looking calm and collected, Liz was utterly focused, while Ollie occasionally glanced up to see if it was time.

After what looked like a few romantic whispers exchanged by the happy couple, the piano intro to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri began to play. Believing it was just part of the ceremony, the bride paid no mind to the music and kept her eyes fixed forward, even when the guests began turning their heads to watch the kids in formation.

Just then, the children began to sing the first stanza in chorus, and after a nudge from the groom – Liz whirled around and burst into tears.

The sight of her students singing for her on her wedding day was just too much for the beautiful bride.
She turned around to face them and smiled encouragingly as they sang while some students began to wave at her while singing. It was the sweetest surprise for the teacher, and everyone watched in delight. Even the wedding officiant was beaming.

Planned by Liz’s fiance, Ollie, and Jeren from Jaykays Dance Company, everything went according to plan. It was incredible how the students managed to keep it a secret from her, from practicing to gathering in church and positioning themselves in the choir area.

There were probably a lot of hugs that went around after the ceremony. This wedding surprise is definitely one for the books!

Liz will never forget the biggest day of her life, not just because she married her great love but because she felt how much her students loved her.
Lucky, too, that everything else was filmed. Since Van Rensburg Films shared the video on their YouTube channel, it’s been viewed over 10 million times. Now Liz and her students will always have that special day to look back on.

Here’s hoping this short but heartwarming clip inspires you to reach out to a teacher who changed your life; you never know just how impactful a sincere thank you can be.

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