Squatter Is Keeping Couple From Moving Into Their Dream Home


Tracie and Myles Albert found their dream home in California. So naturally, they used their hard earned money to live happily ever after. The four bedroom home cost them $560,000 and it was worth every penny.The only problem is that they haven’t moved in yet and it’s been over a year. No issues with the papers or the money though. It’s the previous owner that’s causing them trouble.

He’s refusing to leave his house.Well technically it’s not his anymore but the state’s eviction moratorium kicked-in due to the pandemic soon after they filed the paperwork. That moratorium was supposed to keep struggling families housed during the pandemic. This former homeowner was taking advantage of the system though.

So he’s staying in his old home for free while scamming the Alberts out of the cash they’ve paid.

Real estate agent Chris Taylor told Business Insider,

“It’s genuinely unfathomable to me that we live in a state where something like this is even possible. They closed escrow on this home January 31, 2020.”

That man squatting in the Alberts’ new home is lucky we no longer live in the age of torches and pitchforks.

Imagine trying to get in to your own house but someone is preventing you from entering. He’s willing to get physical too! That man’s totally lost it. He’s asking for it. But violence won’t solve this issue.

The beautiful Riverside house was sold in January 2020, before the mandate for the lockdowns and other measures were enacted.

What’s even more frustrating is that Tracie and Myles cannot even step on the lawn. Apparently, it’s trespassing. Tracie was even asked by the local sheriff to leave. Unbelievable!

The previous owner has even stopped caring for the property.

“They have this case under a COVID tenant situation, of no evictions when it doesn’t fall under that at all. This transaction went through in January 2020 before any of that, it isn’t a renter who was getting thrown out. It’s the guy who collected all of this money.”

Myles says in a statement.

He tries knocking on the door, telling Inside Edition that the man inside never leaves anyway.
Had this happened in a different part of the world, that man would have been dragged out and even beaten. And knowing how people are, videos of that would be posted all over social media.

This man is lucky the Alberts are still being nice about the situation. And nice runs out.
A viewer said,

“The couple is literally just paying for “his house.” Please get him evicted, get a swat team if you have to.”

Now imagine that happening.

Tracie and Myles are exhausting all their efforts just to get this guy out of their home. And to think it’s not even supposed to be a problem. They could sue him after, but that squatter would probably pull a fast one. Like declaring bankruptcy or something.

They’ll get him out soon enough. Let’s just hope there’s a recording of that moment.

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