Stray Cat Brings All Her Babies To Meet Woman That Fed Her Through Her Pregnancy


When a cute black cat showed up outside a family’s home in Montreal, Quebec over the summer, the stray was just trying to mind her own business and scrounging around for food.Lisianne Ménard, the homeowner, felt sorry for the poor thing. So, she made the fateful decision to leave the friendly little furball some food and water.

Of course, you know how that goes – feed ’em once and they’ll be back again for more! The woman’s act of kindness had an unforeseen consequence that even she couldn’t see coming when an army of floofy minions showed up at her door!It all started after Usagi wandered into Lisianne’s garden in Quebec, Canada.

At first, the cat kept her distance from the strange hooman, but after the kindhearted woman fed her, the two became fast friends.

Day after day Usagi would come back and demand that Lisianne give her all the important things every cat needs in life – food, affection, and lots of time for play!

At one point Lisianne thought she might be overfeeding the cat since Usagi was starting to look like the Michelin Man around the middle. She suspected the cat might actually be pregnant – her tummy was bigger than your average food baby belly!

One day when the mama cat came round again for some food, her baby bump was gone. However, it didn’t take long for Lisianne to find out what happened to it!

One by one, Usagi lined up her babies on the porch so Lisianne could see how her kindness had actually helped feed more than just one mouth. It was mama cat’s way of saying “thank you” to Lisianne for being such a good hooman.

This Disney-worthy moment proved meow-gical moments can happen in real life, too!

Lisianne let Usagi and her kittens into her home temporarily until she could get a hold of a local shelter. It was a decision that would save the newborn’s lives!

It was discovered that the kittens actually had a breathing problem and suffered from conjunctivitis. Thankfully, the shelter was more than willing to give the kittens both a place to stay and the medical attention they required.

Five of the kittens are currently in the care of a local rescue group, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, where the search is now on for their forever home.

The kittens up for adoption include 3 females, named Taylor, Tynie, and Tyana. There are also 2 boys in the bunch, Tales and Tito.

With furry good looks like theirs, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to have their Christmas wish come true.

When Chatons Orphelins Montréal posted a status update on their Facebook page, Lisianne responded that she was:

“So glad to hear from them. My little cuties are getting old well. Wishing them a great life now. Their mom I adopted adapts beautifully to home life. thanks to you too!”

Lisianne also reminisced about one kitten in particular:

“There’s one I called “White Paw” because he had white paws lol… he was the most curious and slimmer. What do you call it now?”

But wait, what about kitten #6 you might ask? Whatever happened to it?

No worries there, he’s still very much alive. A friend of Lisianne’s already has dibs on adopting the lucky little furball, so he’s the first happy ending in the story.

As for Usagi, there have been a couple of changes in her life, too. She’s been spayed so there won’t be any more surprise babies showing up on people’s doorsteps.

Oh, and she’s also found her forever home right where it all started – with Lisianne!

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