Students Bring Their Struggling Classmate Gifts On His Birthday


It’s not always easy to remain positive, especially when life gets you down.They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But that’s not always easy when someone is facing poverty and two relatives passed away.The young man in this video has to shower once a week to save money, and lived with the same set of clothes for over a year.

He and his father even live alone after the passing of his mother and stepmother.But young Dylan’s problems don’t just happen at home.You can imagine what life is like for Dylan at school. He spent a lot of his time on his own and often walked home from school by himself.

What’s worse is that some of the crueler children even stole his old football gloves and flushed them down the toilet. Despite this, young Dylan managed to keep a positive attitude despite experiencing these challenges in his life.

And that’s when Dylan’s kind-hearted classmates took notice.

It didn’t take long for some of Dylan’s best classmates to notice him. Dylan’s high-energy and kindness made them reach out in big ways, including walking him home whenever they could.

As one student says it best:

“I just think it’s super crazy that someone could go through something like he’s been through and still have a positive attitude and still walk around with a smile on his face everyday.”

That’s why when Dylan’s birthday came around, the classmates took action.
Giving warm wishes and positive affirmations is one thing, but Dylan’s classmates took it to an all-new level. When Dylan’s 16th birthday came around, the classmates called him to the gym to present him with a surprise.

This surprise came in the form of a backpack that was filled with new clothes, a sports cup, new football gloves, and more. You can see how appreciative Dylan is as he pulls out the items one by one while the other students stand around and watch.

And it gets even better when Dylan tries on some of his new gear.
After overcoming the joy and shock of his surprise, Dylan is quick to throw on his new hat and sweater. He then poses with and runs around the gym, enjoying the feel of brand new clothes.

The joy you can see in Dylan and the happiness from his friends is heartwarming. There’s just so much love on display, that it feels impossible to witness without a smile.

Dylan even takes the time to pose with his new friends.
After all is said and done, the big birthday ends with a group photo featuring Dylan in his new gear and his friends. Just look at the smiles that’s on everyone’s faces and you’ll see why this was a very big deal for a very lucky youth.

It just goes to show, that sometimes when the going gets tough, the kindhearted get to work.

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