Teen Singing “Sound Of Silence” Will Go Down In School’s History


Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” is a classic for the ages.It was released in 1964 but with poor reception. In fact, the band disbanded.It was that bad. It was in 1965 that the song began to catch the attention of listeners in Boston and Florida.It has been referenced, parodied and of course covered by many artists over the past 45 years that it has been around.

It can be eerie, it can be uplifting, and has been and will be loved throughout the generations.Perhaps the most notable recent cover is that of Chicago heavy metal band Disturbed.The cover gained notoriety when it was released, breathing new life into the song, even leading the band to perform it live on Conan.

Disturbed singer David Draiman’s version on Conan had received 90 million views, making it the most viewed YouTube video from Conan’s show, and receiving praise from Simon himself.

But is there room for another great cover?

Of course there is.
16-year-old, Ruben Liversage sings Disturbed’s version of the song, and wow, is he amazing.

David Draiman’s version of the song makes the most of his incredible vocal range, but specifically showcases his deep and powerful voice.

Anybody who does a cover of his song would have to have a voice with similar gravitas.

Can a 16-year-old kid really have what it takes to match Draiman’s version?

If that 16-year-old is Ruben Liversage, then you bet!
What’s more is that his performance isn’t just his singing into a microphone, but with a full dance crew and background singers.
As part of a school performance, they clearly know that Ruben is a singer worth investing some time and effort in putting in the limelight.

His performance begins with just him on a hazy stage, spotlights veiling him as he begins the song with the spooky tone it requires.
Straight off the bat, we can hear the power of this young talent’s voice.

Ruben does not have stage jitters nor is he shying away from sharing his talents.

When a pair of dancers join him on stage, the performance jumps up another notch.

Two contemporary dancers join Ruben, and with their interesting moves requiring balance and strength for their lifts, they add both a professionalism and sense of artistic collaboration which enhance the piece as a whole.

Eventually Ruben steps forward into the light.

This is the point in the show where you can barely believe that this kid is only 16-years-old!

If you use just your ears you would be forgiven for thinking that David Draiman himself was behind the lights singing away.
But when Ruben steps forward he doesn’t have a bald head and “snakebite” lip piercings.

Rather he’s wearing a rather fetching navy style uniform. Handsome looking kid, isn’t he?

And just when you thought the show was at its peak, it notches up yet again!

Now a whole troupe of background singers and dancers flood the stage to support Ruben.
They all move and sing in time and if you didn’t already feel like you were at a professional show for the music industry’s next big star, you sure do now.

Lots of hours for practice that’s for sure!
Impressive when you think of the fact that they’re teenagers.

This is quality entertainment!

Ruben is in the moment, feeling every word.
Needless to say, a great singer and performer is not just one who can produce the right notes and sound good.

The lyrics and the movements tell a story and that story has to be told by the performer’s every movement.

A great performer is there in the moment, feeling every word.

That’s Ruben. He carries the full weight of the song, enhanced by his fellow performers.

He’s a superstar in the making alright!

This is clearly a strong talent in its budding stage.

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