Teen stirs hearts by inviting her dad to prom who’d never been to one before


While the daddy-daughter dance is considered an important tradition for some young kids, and again at weddings, it’s typically not something we think of when it comes to prom. But one young lady made her prom extra special by inviting her father — who had never been to prom before — to her big day. It was a touching and exciting night for the both of them.

It was the fulfillment of a long-ago promise.As a little girl, Janel Jones always knew that her dad had her back. Her father, Jermel, put effort into always being present. But still, he was surprised. He tells Fox News:“I’ve always told her- I’m that guy she doesn’t need nobody and you know as she got older you start to lose that by the wayside her getting older and thinking.

And when she asked me to the prom it was just wow- I’ve never been to the prom.”

She didn’t just ask him outright. She made a whole promposal out of it.
Promposals have become a part of the tradition of prom. No longer can you simply ask the question, you have to make a whole event of it. Janel knew this, so when she decided to ask her dad to prom, she made it fun for the both of them.

The video went viral, with over 2 million views. In it, Jermel comes home from work, and sees a trail of notes leading him to his daughter.

The notes that Janel wrote were so touching that by the time Jermel meets her, he is in full tears.

Friends and family led Jermel to his daughter. They also said all the notes out loud, mentioning that this was a long held promise, and Janel intended to fulfill it. When the trail of notes ends and Jermel finds Janel waiting, he sees the sign she’s holding. It says: “Will you go to prom with me?”

As father and daughter exchanged a hug, they were both crying. The other people in the room were cheering for the daddy-daughter duo, and for what this big ask meant for them.

Since this was the first prom for both of them, the family decided to pull out all the stops.

They rented a hotel room to have a pre-event get together and to make the dressing up experience feel even more glamorous. Jermel and Janel even took a limo to prom, and had a blast dancing the night away.

They both knew that this would make prom an extra special night.

Parents love seeing their kids get dressed up for the big night. It’s become a part of the tradition for families and friends to get together and take photos before sending the teens off to dance and have fun. Most parents do not get the special privilege of actually seeing their children experience one of the most important nights of their young lives.

But Jermel got to watch the whole thing with a front row seat. As touched as he was to be invited, he also knew that this was his daughter’s time to shine. He says:

“It’s my baby’s day- she’s a young adult you know she’s about to go off on her venture and for us to have this last moment, to make it special as possible knowing that this her first- my first- I just want it to be amazing.”

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